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    Presently entire users community of Djuice feels more freedom, because in 2018 Telenor revised SMS packages. Through this Djuice users get more communication option with each other. Mean while through this they also get attention of entire market. Probably with this they fill every gap that a customer complaint in previous time. These modifications are more appropriate for youngsters, because they are frequent users. Moving towards the changing, company now split these packages in Five Types: Weekly (with WhatsApp), Daily, Monthly (with WhatsApp and Facebook), Half Month (with WhatsApp). In simple word they are adding social media in it; that is something extra. Mean while one of their Weekly offer comprised of few free minutes. After this what a customer need from this net work.

    • Lets begin from the Weekly SMS Package of Telenor Djuice in 2018:

    If one can says its most affordable, then its not wrong. Its a combination of (SMS and WhatsApp Bundles), that are two same type of usages. While its other detail is clear in below.

    bundles for week

    • Move on to Monthly:

    This package comprised of (Free SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook) bundles. As its for 30 days so one will get entire freedom after its subscription.


    for a month bundle

    Make sure that this is for longest time duration. So this will give you maximum time duration.

    • Then we have Daily To:

    Its only cover messages, because this is for a day. Such customer just need them instantly, so these are enough to fulfill their requirement.


    For a day offer

    • Second last is applicable for only 15 Days or Half Month:

    Its also contain SMS bundles along with WhatsApp, so one will enjoy both of them in one activation. Its also economical that come in range of every user.


    for half month

    • Last but Special One for a Week:

    In this package company is adding free minutes with SMS. Although these are few in numbers, but surely they are enough to full fill your need.

    best bundle

    How to Subscribe theese Telenor Djuice SMS Packages in 2018?

    Each and every detail is clear in above piece of article, probably this will a brief info for desire customers. Although these are best one, but in case if user some more then for sure company will take it serious. And make changes in next update. May be these properties will attract other net work users towards it.

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