Fasting During Pregnancy in Islam

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    Have you thought on this question that whether fasting in pregnancy will be right for you or not? And also what Islam tells us about this issue! In this post, we will be giving you some of the Islamic references through which you will be able to know that in Islam, what it tells to the pregnant women about the fasting is in english language, typing in Urdu is not possible for our us so must read it that must gives you some better info: For all the breastfeeding mothers and also for the pregnant women , we have two cases:

    There might be the situation that the woman is not at all affected by fasting then she is obliged to fast. On the other hand if the woman fears that this fasting will be risky for her and also for her child then she is not allowed to fast, it will be makrooh for her to fast. It is mentioned in the Islamic teachings that if the pregnant women has this fear that this fasting will be detrimental for her child’s health then this fasting will be makrooh for her


    Islamic References:

    Al-Mirdaawi also said in al-Insaaf (7/382) said that if a pregnant woman fears for her pregnancy, it is not allowed for her to fast. Pregnant women also come under the category of those who are sick. If they cannot fast then they have to feed one poor person on each day missed in the fasting. They can give wheat, rice and also dates. But as soon as their pregnancy will be over, mothers will have to complete those missed out fasts.

    Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen also said that is she is healthy and fasting does not have any affect on her foetus then she should make a fast. But is she is physically weak then she can delay this fasting and can do the fasting when this pregnancy time will be over for her. For the breastfeeding mothers, Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also granted them that they are allowed not to fast, they can make up the fasts later on.

    Now, you know that whether fasting in pregnancy should be carried on by you or not? If you want to have more of the Islamic proofs about this issue then you can get all those facts right from here. We will be updating you and we will keep on be sharing with you that in Islam, what proofs and teachings do we have for the pregnant women.

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