How To Solve Error “Insert Correct Map disc sd card” Solution for Japanese Car Navigation Systems

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    Are you in the search to know that how to solve error in the insert correct map disc SD card for the car navigation systems? Well there are so many people that do came up with the troubling query that they have disconnected the battery of their car and now the navigation system doesn’t working up at all. The car system came up with the error that “Please insert correct map disc”. Number of times this error even shows at screen when the original DVD is working in the car! Now what’s the actual solution for it even if nothing is functioning inside the car?

    Method To Solve Error “Insert Correct Map disc sd card” That is a Solution for Japanese Car Navigation Systems:

                     Some of the people are not aware from the fact that this error do appears in their car as each singe time they disconnect with their car battery terminals. In all such situations it is best idea that you should have the software disc for your players. Inside the internet world you can even visit with the websites that are providing with the downloading software online service for tghe specified player models. These online software is best if in case you are getting the software from outside at high rates for NDDN W53/w54, 55, 56,57,58, NSDN W59 and w60.


    If we talk about the downloading method then you have to type “LOADING.KWI” file in favor of your model. This file will be featuring with the data that is needed in view with the loading of the DVD player. At the same time it will be even giving you with the name of the SD card as just by keeping in view your model name. Be sure that you dont create any kind of the sub folder.

    Some of the people do take it as the troubling task but as you get control over the solution issue then it no longer came up with any kind of complications for you. But make sure that you are fully aware from the model type plus the software which you want for the solution. With in couple of minutes you will be done with the issue! All the best!

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