Apple ipad mini price, Features and Release in Pakistan

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    Apple is a name of famous brand in world technology. Due to some problems they got loss from some period of time but they try hard to keep them out from these crisis. One of the basic reason of the crisis is the flop of Apple iphone 5. Their regular customers really disappointed from this mobile. Apple ipad mini release in Pakistan is one of the basic reason to maintain their brand name. For this they announced ‘an event’ will take place on Tuesday October 23. Could it be the iPad Mini launch event? till now it not yet been confirmed. The clue may be on the launch invite: “we have a little more to show you” said by the one organizer of this event. This event may be used for several purposes just like to update the Mac Mini, iMac and bring out a 13-inch Mac Book Pro with Retina display.If we see the features of Apple ipad mini. It is expected to have a screen of 7.85 inches compared with 9.7 inches for the current iPad .It was also expected that smaller iPad will run Apple’s Retina display.

    Apple ipad mini price, Features and Release in Pakistan

    Apple ipad mini price, Features and Release in Pakistan

    Apple ipad mini price, Features and Release in Pakistan is given there.

    It also be hopped that 3G support in the iPad Mini if it will be true the iPad Mini would run on older but another thing is that a news is also spread that it only support wifi.If it will be true then it will be very disappointed for their users. The official release date is not been announced different peoples have different ideas about its release that someone say that it would be release on 23 oct during their event but a news is also spread that it would be launched latter then event so exact date will not be announce. Some up and down also take place in this world wide company but they doing better to maintain their brand as well as their technology.


    Apple ipad mini price is not yet been announced officially.All will guess about its price. So it require wait to know about its price.

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      whts the priceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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      is price

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