2022 Honda CBR500r Vs CBR250r Vs CBR 150r Comparison Price in Pakistan Specifications

After reviewing the specifications chart and 2022 Honda CBR500r Vs CBR250r Vs CBR 150r Comparison price in Pakistan, one can easily find a bike that full fill your desired requirements. This year anyone among them is beast one, that must beat any other motorcycle here in Pakistan. It’s very true that all of these are besets superbikes. Check out their features and buy any one of them, surely one will enjoy its ride. This is the brand which has got too much fame just because of the best automobiles. They can give you a smooth and comfortable drive even if you are driving on the versatile roads.

Let turn the discussion to the intro of the very first and most heavy bike in this category:

Honda CBR500r 2022 Price in Pakistan:

  • Around 12 Lac Fifty Thousand Rupees( 12,50,000) is the Honda CBR500r 2022 price in Pakistan. Though, these are not formal figures, because these are imported bikes.


  • It can well produce and come up with 47hp. You can use this sports bike for short distances as well as for long distances.

This time its engine is much developed and enhanced that now it consists of the 6-speed transmission. It comprises of the most powerful 41mm fork brake.

  • Numbers of the color range are available in this vehicle, as it is available in the Pearl White, Matte Black color and the best one is the metallic shade.

It has a Multi-facet kind of taper technology.

Honda CBR500r 2022 Price About, 12 Lac Rupees( Its of Used Price)
  • More Specs:


  • A pic of this Beast:


Honda CBR250r Price in Pakistan 2022:

  • About, 740,000 Rupees is the Honda CBR250r price in Pakistan 2022. This is the official price announced by the company.


  • This is available in the 4 versions. It is one of the top speeds bikes that come with 135 Kmph, and the important thing is that up to this limit this will be in your control.

Its ignition is all the latest tech Digital ECU Based. Meanwhile, it has a liquid-cooled cooling system that must help to cool it down.

  • This has a chain drive transmission type. It has a ground clearance of 145mm. You can have an electric start on it. You can turn the signal as well as pass the light. It will give you a low fuel indicator and too low oil indicator.
Honda CBR250r 2022 Price About, 8 Lac Rupees( Price is of this good condition used bike)

From their looks, one will easily compare these bikes.

Honda CBR 300R

Honda CBR150r price 2022 in Pakistan:

An affordable price of (665,500/ Rupees) is the Honda CBR150r price 2022 in Pakistan. On a heavy bike, this is a suitable option to buy.


  • It comes with the most advanced technology that consists of the six-speed sequential kind of manual transmission. It has an enhanced and updated DOHC four-valve sort of water-cooled engine.

Its six-speed manual transmission system can let you shift the gears all up or down.

  • It comprises of multi-plate sort of manual clutch so that you can have trouble-free driving experience.
Honda CBR150r price 2022 About, 6.5 Lac Rupees

 Honda 1CBR

More Specs:

Latest feature

 According to specifications comparison 2022 between Honda CBR500r and CBR250r as well lastly CBR 150r every one must confuse to select the best one so here your choice and Price in Pakistan matter. So select the bike that is suitable for you and most important is your favorite motorcycle that fulfill your dreams that one also require in term of specifications.

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