Yamaha R1 Vs R6 Comparison Price in Pakistan 2024 New Model

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    From heavy bikes to regular motorcycles Yamaha is recalled by the people of this country. Further, the search of Yamaha R1 Vs R6 comparison of price in Pakistan 2024 of their new model also indicates the buyers interest. Although in sports category bikes, few of new manufacturing companies also launch different models. But, they are not able to meet the standard like these ones. Basically, these bikes are not locally manufactured but due to their excellent performance, everyone loves to have these ones. From the outer look to the performance, they have not yet a single comparison.

    • A few years ago this company closed its manufacturing plant from Pakistan that is one big loss for this country. Now again they start their work, but only manufactured some normal vehicles like 100cc and 125cc.

    Hope so during upcoming days they must start the manufacturing of these heavy bikes that must effect on Yamaha R1 Vs R6 comparison specs price in Pakistan new model 2024 its demand. While with this availability of new ones is also possible after this step. Now as it imports from Japan so a number of them are used one, and by including all taxes and other expenses whole things are going up.

    Fuel Consumption:

    As these are included in the heavy category so they consume more fuel consumption than another ordinary one. Further its again depend on condition, a good one consumes less while a down condition must going up. But approximately their average varied from 12 to 18 KM per Liter Petrol.

    Yamaha R1 Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • Don’t think that this bike cost in thousand, as this is a high cost motorcycle. But, those who like it has also idea about these type of things. The Yamaha R1 Price in Pakistan 2024 is fluctuating in between 32 to 41 Lac Rupees.

    Yamaha R6 Price in Pakistan:

    • It is bit expensive heavy bike termed as Yamaha R6 and its price has floated in from 36 to 48 Lakh Rupees that depends on import year, model and the condition.

    This is the simple comparison of both famous Yamaha models 2024 along with full specs. Those who want to buy one of the new model Yamaha r6 vs r1, have a look at the tables and check out the specification that must be made clear that which one full fill your dream.

    Yamaha R6 Price Vs(Imported variants)
    Yamaha R1 Price
    37 Lac(Of good condition and latest model) 43 Lac(Of latest model with good condition)
    • Then,:

    Also learn about:

    • Note: This installment plan is not for the Yamaha imported bikes.


    Yamaha R6 Specs:


    Yamaha R1 Specifications:

    few more features

    Above all info shows clearly that the price of R6 is quite high but its advanced features also show that this is really suitable for people can easily collect all info about Yamaha R1 Vs R6 comparison specs price in Pakistan new model 2024. While almost its half difference between this and R1, that must differentiate its specs also.

    But it does not matter for all those who love it. It all depends on affordability, both are best according to their sides. Important is only your range, so go to that one that is come in your money. But overall those who dream it must go for it.

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