What Is Eid Ul Fitr?

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    Every year Muslims celebrate two religious festivals Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha. These two festivals are the reflection of love, brotherhood, affection and respect. This festival arrives at the first Shawal as the Ramadan came to an end. Eid ul Fitr means breaking of the fast. It also means reward that is given to us from the God in a form of joy, satisfaction and hope after we have fasted for one full month. As the Eid arrives we get a satisfaction of being purified spiritually and bodily.  As the last fast arrives and night appears all the Muslims get their eyes turned towards the sky for sighting the moon. The announcement of the Eid and moon is made in the mosques after the prayers of Maqrib. As soon as it is declared all the Muslims get their hands arise in the sky and pray to God for giving them such a gift that is filled with joy and love. All the men greet each other with best wishes and women get themselves set for applying Mehndi on their hands.

    The Eid day rightly begins by giving Fitrana means grains or money to the poor or needy people and by saying Eid prayers together. The prayers are usually undertaken at open fields or areas that often include two Rakaah and six Takbirs. During this festival the gates of unlimited happiness open to us in our hearts for everyone.  Muslims embrace and greet each other with happiness and joy. The houses get over crowded with relatives and friends who exchange gifts with each others and gave Eidi to small children. The houses are filled with some of the delicious food dishes that women cook for keeping the day memorable and unforgettable for their children and family mates. This festival surely brings every single human being no matter whether he is a Muslim or not into one relationship that certainly last forever. This festival brings out the spirit of Islam in concrete form. They show that we can be truly live happily if we live a life of purity, worship and generosity. Social happiness depends on sharing each others joys and sorrows as advised by the God and Holy Prophet. We should fast and purify ourselves during the Holy month of Ramadan and generously help each others and act nobly to qualify for getting the gift of Eid ul Fitr from God. 

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    1. M. Salman, Karachi says:

      The All Mighty created this world and the dwellers thereof with the directives revealed upon human of His choices (which superseded time to time as per Allah”s will), Now the major conflict lies in fulfillment of human desires, those who remain within the limits laid down in the last holy book, and never try to go beyond, will live a honorable life here and in the hereafter. Actually this should be taken as a training session for human before entering a care free and unique life style for which All Mighty Allah has promised where there will be no worry as to earn living. This is a difficult preparation for a new era of automatism. Followers of other religion may have different point of view in this regard, but they do accept that they are created by the One Who claims to be the Creator (Allah).

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