Car Batteries Prices in Pakistan Comparison New Rates List of Exide Volta AGS Osaka Phoenix Battery

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    A battery is always important for car user, because from starting of engine to driven it plays an important role. So every time one is going to a quality one, here a comparison between Exide Volta AGS Osaka and Phoenix Battery is given, from them one get number of options from Car Batteries Prices in Pakistan. Before a time ago few companies are working on them, so one has not too many options to select right. As companies had observed that this market is quite open, now its manufacturing is start under number of platform whose name is also in list.


    Although this is multinational company whose many models are launched, in Pakistan few of them are available whose prices are

    • NS-44

    Price: 3,700

    • NS-46

    Price: 3900

    • NS-48

    Price: 4,100


    According to promotions now they own as best one in Pakistan. No doubt they are also good and long lasting; their numbers of models are in market now whose approximate prices are.

    • NS48L: 3200 Rupees
    • N70: 415O Rupees
    • CNG60L: 4200 Rupees


    They are only who further divides their batteries according to different cars. This is the reason that number of models of this company is greater than any other.



    Number of times one mix up the Osaka with Volta batteries, although both are of best quality in Pakistan. But at same time it’s important to mention that both are of belongs to two different names. Again these batteries are also different for different car. Here a general price prediction is available.

    • S50+ Price Rs,3490/-
    • N40 Price 6500/-
    • NS48L Rs. 3,100 Rupees
    • NS48 Rs. 3,100 Rupees


    This is another authenticate name in manufacturing of batteries, their prices are also same like above one but quality wise this is also best option to use.

    These all are some new rates list of car batteries prices in Pakistan as well their comparison is clear best option for you.


    These all are not confirmed prices, these all are collected online as well never official site given these rates. So may be some of them are varied sorry for this and if one get some different and accurate then must share in below section.

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