Honda Insight 2024 Price in Pakistan

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    Honda insight comes to market with a new facelift and apparently this vehicle is released in the competition of Prius. An rumored amount of Honda Insight 2024 price in Pakistan is between “7.6 Million to 8 Million Rupees“. This is the 3rd generation price. Its rate is further depending on variants, as they are different in specs and features. Moreover, this is fully automatic as well company using the hybrid engine which gives good mileage. The first two generations of this vehicle were not hit in this Pakistan local market but now honda redesign this vehicle and now everyone demands this car in Pakistan.

    Where they are giving the extra look to the car there they are taking the high price as compared to the civic. Further, Honda Insight 2024 car price in Pakistan specifications and features is going to describe in below.

    Honda Insight 2024 Price in Pakistan

    Starting price of this vehicle is 7.6 Million rupees but when you will increase the specs and features then they charge an extra amount and your vehicle price will definitely increase. In addition, 8 Million prices of this variant that is fully loaded with the latest technology.

    Honda Insight Price
    7.6 to 8 Million Rupees

    Honda Insight Interior:

    Design of interior has totally changed while this has launched with new interior. This car exists in left and right hand drive and it depends on the buyer. A unique style of steering with multiple functions has been inserted as well you can control the side mirror and multimedia player with steering.

    • In the center of the dashboard android LED is available besides you can use it for the front and back cameras. See the interior below the image.

    Honda Insight Interior

    Honda Insight Exterior:

    The front facelift meets with Honda Civic while the backside of this car is different and gives fabulous look. Further, slim headlights. The front grill gives a look like a Civic.

    • In the center of the logo, a front camera has been installed while you can get the alloy rim. You can take the sunroof option.

    Honda Insight Exterior

    Also look over the:

    • Subsequently, their is:
    Honda Insight Engine Capacity

    We have already discussed above this car launch with multiple variants. So engine starting capacity of the engine is 997Cc while this variant that fully loaded capacity is 1496Cc. Further, all engines are hybrid.

    Engine Capacity 995cc – 1,496cc

    Honda Insight Engine Capacity

    Honda Insight Fuel Consumption km/l:

    If you prefer a good performance car about engine wise then this is perfect because a hybrid engine has been installed. Under one liter of petrol, you can easily travel 20 to 22 KM. Till now, this is the highest mileage in Japanese motors.

    Honda Insight Fuel Average 20 to 22 KM

    Honda Insight Fuel Tank Capacity Litres

    You can put 40-liter petrol in a tank and this is preferable for those people who like long traveling. One time complete fill fuel tank you can travel around 900KM.

    Fuel Tank Capacity 40 Liters

    Honda Insight is a fully luxurious car. During driving, they take care the driver comfort too. Further, Honda Insight 2024 Price in Pakistan written besides honda officially not import this vehicle from Japan. Some of the dealers are doing import this car and then selling to the people.

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