New Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba Price In Pakistan 2023

A long time ago this vehicle was introducing in the market for commercial and domestic purposes. This is good for the purpose of carriage or one also uses it as transporting vehicles. Subsequently, now families are also utilizing it for home-usage. Because of the multiple usages, the new Suzuki Bolan carry daba price in Pakistan 2023 is rise up again. But a regretful aspect of this vehicle is that from the time of its establishment to now in this year, this company has failed to change its major outer look. But, still, Bolan or commonly name Carry Daba is lying among the list of Suzuki’s most demanded vehicles. Now its up next 2023 is set to come in this fresh year, with better features and the new price in Pakistan.

  • But once again to enjoy a stylish interior one needs to wait for some more time. As broached earlier that it used for carriage purpose, as well its best domestic automobile. As summer lasted for a long time in Pakistan so AC is the basic need in it.

Now Suzuki filled up this gap and introduce the latest tech engine that stable its performance. Especially when AC switch is On or increases the burden in it.

New Suzuki Bolan Price in Pakistan 2023:

Excluding the amount of tax, 1,050,000/- is the total amount of New Suzuki Bolan price in Pakistan 2023. The amount in terms of tax for the filer and for non-filer this amount isĀ  added in the following rate list.

Suzuki Bolan Model Year Price in Pakistan
2023 1,510,500 Rupees ( For Filers)

1,530,650 Rupees (For Non Filer)

Suzuki Carry Daba Price In Pakistan 2023:

  • It’s about 15 Lac and ten(10) Thousand Rupees.

Note: Remember one more thing, that this is the booking rate. If one needs to buy it instantly, then the own money is also on your shoulders.

Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba 2023 Features:

  • Its dashboard is a little bit altered that may change its interior to a small extent.

Bumpers of this model are also enhanced that made it more secure, in case of accident one must more secure.

  • New EFI Engine gives it new life, now one can use AC and also carry more things on it.




You will surely get the price of Suzuki Bolan carry daba in 2023 because it is the most favorite family wagon in Pakistan for all types of familiars. The main reason is that it is very cheap and economical. As it is the new model and having advance technology engine and all other parts into it. It has been the largest selling vehicle in all Pakistan and everyone is demanding it. 8 people of the family can easily sit into it and go to any place with ease. This model is specially designed for families with great capacity and open interior design as well.

One can say that this car provides a complete package, or it’s a multi-purpose used vehicle. It is sure that this change in its manufacturing must improve its demand in the market. A large number of its customers are waiting for these changing that introduce in it. Yes, you enjoyed its ride with new LOVE.

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