Suzuki Swift 2024 Price in Pakistan, Fuel Average, Petrol Tank Capacity

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    A new model of Suzuki Swift look classy with a new facelift and with this, buyer looks on Suzuki Swift 2024 price in Pakistan that may go up from “4,294,000 Rupees“. The improved petrol mileage is making it an ideal option for those who are more concerned about fuel costs. In addition, this Swift has a large tank capacity, meaning you can travel long distances without having to stop and fill up again and again. So if you are in the market for a brand new or bit used car that is both affordable and efficient, be sure to observe Swift price in Pakistan, as well as, the tank capacity and fuel usage too.

    Suzuki Swift 2024 Price in Pakistan

    A new swift with a stunning facelift in different variants. Everyone who was waiting now seeking Suzuki Swift 2024 price in Pakistan. Furthermore, the company introduces four variants of Suzuki Swift. The price of them are.

    Suzuki Swift Variants of 2024 Model
    Price (Approx.)
      GL Manual
    4,294,000 Rupees
     GL CVT
    4,618,000 Rupees
    Swift GL (CVT) Limited Edition 3,475,900(Old and is closed)
    GLX CVT 2024 Price
    5,070,000 Rupees
    • Note: An addition amount of 50,000 is not part of price for the non filer buyers.
    • Suzuki Swift 2024 Launch Date: Will reveal in coming days

    Suzuki Swift Fuel Average 2024

    Before buying a new model of Suzuki Swift now audience wants to know Suzuki swift 1.3 fuel consumption km/l. In this model, the company installed a fuel-efficient engine that gives good performance and mileage.

    Suzuki Swift Fuel Consumption 13 KM

    “Next is”

    Suzuki Swift Petrol Tank Capacity Pakistan

    As compared to the previous model, a big fuel tank has been installed and after one-time complete full people can travel hundreds of kilometers.

    Suzuki Swift Fuel Tank Capacity 37 Liters

    Maybe, they reduce it for environmental purposes or something else. But, the customer is yet satisfied with it. Further, after a long wait of years, the new shape has been brought out with an improved fuel average which is pretty good.

    Suzuki Swift Booking Price in Pakistan

    • With a new facelift, Suzuki launched Swift with four variants and the booking price of every variant is different. So, visit the nearest showroom and get the info about booking.

    Delivery Time:

    Right now, if you book a new model of Suzuki Swift 2024 then you will wait for 1 to 2 months. This is the estimated time maybe they will increase. When you will book then they will give you the proper time.

    Swift Delivery Time 1 to 2 months

    Further, their is:

    • Note: They are of same company automobiles and customer like them.


    There are many attractive colors of this hatchback but the most popular colors are White, Red, and Blue. The name of the other colors is given below.

    • Solid White
    • Silky Silver
    • Mineral Gray
    • Phoenix Red
    • Black
    • Cerulean Blue

    Suzuki Swift Dimensions

    In order to compare the dimension of the Suzuki Swift with Toyota Vitz, these approximate measurements are helpful because the outer body shape is almost the same for both of them.

    Length 3850 mm
    Width 1740 mm
    Height 1520 mm

    Engine Size

    The Pakistani swift is equipped with a efficient kind of engine that is big for this body size. They also make it more compatible with the body that also improve grip.

    • 1197 Cc

    good looking car

    Ground Clearance of Suzuki Swift:

    At purchasing time, an concerned point is ground clearance for Suzuki Swift. The reason is the un smoothness of road.

    Ground Clearance 165mm

    Many new features and specs have been added in this car like auto seat adjustable, and cruise control. Moreover, according to specs, functions, and outer look, Suzuki Swift 2024 price in Pakistan is still bit high.

    • Imp Questions:

    What is the fuel average Of Suzuki Swift 2024?

    The fuel average or economy of the Swift has been improving over the years and is now one of the most convenient in its class having an average of approximately 12 to 16 kilometers with one liter.

    What is the performance of Suzuki Swift?

    Recent generation model came a few months back. This has received mostly positive reviews from automotive experts, admiring its handling and shape. However, many have criticized it just because of its price. Otherwise, all of the stuff is fine.

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