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    With such sort of quality, Qingqi Rickshaw price in Pakistan 2024 is rational for every type that includes Motorcycle Loader and Auto. Originally, Qingqi is bike production group that also step in motorcycle loader auto vehicle. Now, they also been deal with three wheeler automobiles. Although, this type of rickshaws is not safe to travel. But here in our country, this is a much affordable traveling vehicle of ordinary people. Note that Qingqi has now become the largest producer when it comes to 3(three) wheelers and following this success, they add different variations in them too.

    Qingqi Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2024:

    If one summarizes the Qingqi Rickshaw price in Pakistan 2024, then rates of motorcycle or loader Rickshaw are appropriate. With almost every day or week, their is change in them of 5 to 10 thousand rupees.

    • Their 3 wheeler’s or motorcycle rickshaws have these models so far in their product line and their prices are also set accordingly.

    Qingqi Motorcycle Rickshaw Price in Pakistan:

    Simple chain motorcycle Rickshaw of Qungqi is “204,000 Rupees“. An second option in he 3 wheel rickhaw is with river gear and its price is more then the chain one. The difference of their rates are:

    Basic one 204,000 Rupees
    With liver gear Qingqi Motorcycle rickshaw price 231,000 Rupees
    • For the carriage purpose:

    Qingqi Loader Rickshaw Price in Pakistan:

    While in the category of Loader; three of their engine capacities loader are now for sale in the market. So, as per specs, the rates of them also varied too.

    • 100 cc: 221,000 Rupees to 234,000 Rupees (Rates change at any time)

    MT 150:

    This version comes in both of the styles, which are you can have it in the two-wheeler form or you can have it in the three wheeler form. It is a convenient vehicle to be chosen for the purpose of daily commutes and carriage.

    Loader 150cc Pervaz Price 360,000 Rupees
    Second option is 150cc loader deluxe 351,000 Rupees
    • MT 200:

    It is true that QINGQI is the name of performance and quality. No doubt, MT 200 is the best addition in their vehicles list, because it’s equipped with a water coolant engine. Meanwhile, loading capacity has also enhanced it. Meanwhile, as per capacity company also made its body solid.

    Loader 200cc Pride Price 356,000 Rupees
    Other 200cc loader Price 369,000 Rupees
    • Qingqi Auto Rickshaw Price in Pakistan: In the Auto category, yet Qingqi has not launched any of rickshaw too.

    Imp Note: Officially, the price of this automobile has not declared online that’s why these are approx. Or call on the following number to collect accurate information about rates.

    • Contact No: 0300-7886944

    One will also collect info from this number too.

    the pic of this vehicle

    Surely, their sole objective to produce vehicles at affordable price rates. They are the pioneer of this type of automobile in Pakistan. Apart from this, their recently launched bikes are better then last ones. Presently, they completely determined to further strengthen their company. And for this purpose, they are passionately contributing a lot towards the development aspect of the economy. Without any doubt, the rates of products like Qingqi Rickshaw price in Pakistan 2024 will must create own business opportunity for a lot of peoples.

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