Volta / Osaka Battery Price List in Pakistan 2024

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    Just like all other products, the new Volta and Osaka battery price list in Pakistan 2024 shows that the batteries rates are affected in summer. At present energy crisis time, everyone wants to have trustworthy and economical power solutions. When it comes to battery usage options then Volta and Osaka are the most recommended ones. No doubt both of these are different names and qualities as well, but they are manufactured under one platform. Both are best in working, but no one knows that whey their think tank differentiates them from each other. Those who are now interested in buying a battery must verify the Volta & Osaka Batteries price list.

    These batteries are now attainable for every type of usage. From domestic to industrial usage, every type of battery is available in both names. Now the various model is present in the market and in every latest one come with some improvement that makes it better lasting in life.

    Osaka Battery Price List 2024 in Pakistan:

    • Yet, the Osaka Battery price list in Pakistan 2024 has not briefed on their website. That’s why rates of few batteries are not in the table/chart. So, better is that call on their helpline number to confirm the rate of your desired model.
    Type Approx. Rate
    Osaka Battery 100 amp Price in Pakistan 36,000 Rupees (Original its 115 Amp and model of battery is P-150 S)
    Osaka Battery P 210 s Price in Pakistan 44,000  Rupees
    Osaka Battery 27 Plates Price 58,000 Rupees (Of Special Model P250S)
    21 Plates Price (Model: P180S) 43,000 Rupees
    23 Plates Price 46,000 Rupees
    9 Plates (S50L) 13,000 Rupees
    11 Plates 20,000 Rupees
    31 Plates 77,000 Rupees
    200 amp 56,000 (old)
    50 amp 15,000
    65 amp 16,900
    150 amp 36,000 (old)
    • For other Osaka Battery model rates, these are contact number and for those also who want to verify their current rates.
    City Number
    Factory Number situate in KPK 0995-617653
    Head Office Islamabad 051-11122 00 22
    Rawalpindi Office 051-4412639
    Peshawar 091-2264619
    Faisalabad 041-8787458
    Lahore 042-6361446
    Multan 061-4519381 and 061-4584307
    Sukkur 071-5614814
    Karachi 021-4384121-2

    Currently, they also offer dry batteries. These give the perfect and complete sealing of posts. Their unique structure that comprises of triple sealing, it can wholly prevent any kind of acid leakage.

    Osaka UPS Battery Price in Pakistan 2024:

    A long backup is the need of UPS battery and this is best for this need. Further, 23, 21 and 31 plates batteries are best and these approx. Osaka UPS Battery price are:

    • 21 Plate Battery: 42,000 Rupees
    • 23 Plate Battery: 45,000
    • 31 Plate Battery: 76,000 Rupees

    Now they also come with Safety valve options so that you can have stable open and also close pressure. Their Grids are made from a multi element alloy so that battery can have a long life.

    Volta Battery Price in Pakistan 2024 List:

    • Until now, the Volta Battery price list 2024 in Pakistan is not exactly uploading on the formal place. But, the common or regular used Volta batteries price is:
    Type Rate(Approx.)
    Volta Battery 200 amp Price in Pakistan 54,000 Rupees
    50 amp price 12,000 Rupees
    210 Battery 43,900 Rupees
    250 Battery 51,000 Rupees
    150 amp Battery 42,000
    100 amp Battery 23,000
    Volta 23 Plate Battery Price in Pakistan 40,900 Rupees
    9 plate Battery Price 11,000 Rupees

    Note: The customer care number of Volta and Osaka battery is the same because the parent company of these brands is the same.


    They also worked on use of model sealing technology in order to ensure the safest seal of the battery. All of their products are installed with best kind of seal and with special glue. These steps are taken by them so that batteries face no leakage. They work with complete credibility that also helped to grow too.

    Volta Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • These are the new type of Volta batteries that are more long lasting.  Maybe, the Volta Tubular Battery price in Pakistan 2024 is also not same as the traditional ones.  Their rates will also show shortly.

    Or Check:

    Any of them are fine but Osaka is more working on the automotive battery and too for the inverter. They have this competitive edge to be called as the only and single local manufacturer of the making of Tubular Batteries. Furthermore, the motorcycle Batteries of 04 Amp to about 10 Amp is also obtainable under this brand.

    They also make specialized ones for Solar Panels. They have passed this milestone and the biggest achievement of producing and making VRLA one. These can give better and composed solutions related to the sectors of solar energy as well as telecommunication. Hopefully, Volta and Osaka Battery price list 2024 in Pakistan will reduce as the dollar rate will stable in forthcoming months.

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