Telenor Increases Charges For New And Replacement SIM

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    Do you know that Telenor increases charges for new and replacement SIM? Well it has been freshly updated on the website of Telenor that from 11th December 2012 all the Telenor SIM that was previously sold at the cost of Rs.100 they will be accessible for all the users at the cost of Rs. 200. There would surely be the biggest shocking news for all the people. It means that all the SIM and their rates have been increased to Rs. 100. Well this restriction has been not just applicable to the new SIM but even all such SIM as well that will be placed for replacement. Telenor has been the first network that is granting the users with such an increase over the SIM rates.

    Telenor Increases Charges For New And Replacement SIM

    Telenor Increases Charges For New And Replacement SIM 001


    Old Price

    New Price

    Premium SIM Pack (345)

    PKR 300

    PKR 400

    Normal Prepaid SIM Price

    PKR 200

    PKR 300

    Number Choice SIM

    PKR 200

    PKR 300

    Value SIM Pack

    PKR 100

    PKR 200

    Replacement SIM Price

    PKR 60

    PKR 100

    On the other hand it has been predicted that with the passage of time it might get possible that Telenor will keep on increasing their rates and hence the time will come when the SIM will be available at the cost of Rs. 500. But if we look towards the whole story then we normally figure out the fact that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed the network holders that they will sell the SIM from their own franchises. Therefore this fact can also be taken as the major purpose for increasing the rates. All the retail stores are not allowed to sell the SIM to any person. In addition, the franchise holders will also be verifying the thumb examination of the customer before handing over some SIM to that particular person. But nevertheless it is quite possible that this will affect the popularity and success heights of the Telenor network because many people who never favor using the Telenor SIM when they are so hugely expensive. Well let’s see that will the people get grabbed over the Telenor even after increasing the rates or they will prefer overlooking this network. At the end of the discussion we would just say that all those people who are planning to get Telenor SIM they should get ready because now they have to give Rs. 200 for purchasing the SIM.

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