Check How Many SIMS are Issued on CNIC in Pakistan PTA 668

Pakistan telecom authority (PTA) is one of the authorities to monitor and control the problems and issues related to telecommunication. It control and regulate the laws implemented to the mobiles companies and mobile customers. It is a government department and there is a ministry working for telecommunication above this department.

 Now in Pakistan we daily see the different terrorism attacks from terrorists and other peoples. The ratio of crimes in Pakistan is increasing day by day. The main source of the criminal through which they contact which each other is mobile. Without mobiles they cannot contact with each other easily. So they issue fake SIMS with other name of peoples with their national ID card number.

sim verification

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For this reason Pakistan telecom authority decided to make a mechanism through which they can check the issuing number of SIMS with one person. By doing this crimes will be decrease and people will live with peace in Pakistan.

If you want to check then you have to visit the official website and after visiting website you have to enter your national id card number then it will display the number of sims which are issuing with your name and national id card number. You can also get information about the sims by visiting website

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