Education In Pakistan Problems And Issues

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    Have you ever though that why the education in Pakistan problems and issues are getting increase day by day? Almost 63 years have been passed regarding the Independence Day and since the establishment of Governmental concept approximate 23 education policies have been highlighted in education world but still no hopes are exist that would show the light of bright future. When we look back in the past then there is no doubt about it that in Pervaiz Muharraf Government timings the education has made a huge enormous success and even many method and steps were carried for the development. But now the current Government has completely changed the picture. According to the survey there are just 33.3% women that are taking the education. Besides being the 6th largest country in the whole world still we have flip aside in the education sector. Have you ever put your mind on thinking for knowing its major reasons? In this article we are highlighting few of the most prominent and main problems that are hugely taking birth in education universe.

    Education In Pakistan Problems And Issues


    One of main reason in the lack of education success is the difference that is normally taking place in all the public and private sector schools. All the schools in villages are not served with much enhanced facilities just like the big society city schools and centers.


     The schools and educational institutions of Baluchistan and FATA have not been served with much supreme facilities of education and as result just 3% of the women are studying in the schools.


     In addition we are hugely focusing upon the modern education system and no one is bothering to put forward the plans for technical education. Technical education would serve the industrial sector of the country but no such government is keeping this fact in mind.


     Last we have the less transfer of expenditure on the education field work. In every single year a very less amount of budget amount is specified for education such as few million. We have left too far behind in education and this cannot be recovered just with the allocation of few million.


    • Firstly special classes and training centers should be arranged that would train the teachers so that they can fully inwards for serving better education to the students.
    • Government should allocate maximum amount in the education division in the budget so that it can get improve much increasingly.
    • All the schools and education centers must provide the proper and much acknowledgeable technical education to the students for making their future bright in all the sections.
    • In addition, those professors and teachers who still have the passion of granting premium and supreme education to the students they must be sent forward besides resigning them from their jobs.

    Well we hope that this article would have definitely open the eyes of maximum men and women and all those people who are against the education they should make it clear that the success and prosperity of the country is the responsibility of both men and women.

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    1. Muhammad Sajjad says:

      That is an awesome article. It really reflects the problems in this system. We should think over it. It can only happen when we come united..

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