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    Postal code of Faisalabad as areas under that big cities is available here for Postal codes finders.Postal addresses are much uses like if you want to send any official documents you wants to send somewhere else to some one through that specific code. These codes are actually exactly the same as your address but it can be used as short form of your area in documents and data entries over there in Post offices after computerized System recently updated in all over the Post offices so far. Faisalabad GPO included many areas and codes starts from 38000 in respect of Punjab Province.

    Areas under the impact of one Post office are named as same area like Madina Town,Millat Colony and many more as listed here. If you are here to find out the exact location than in Faisalabad.Noor Pur,Nishat Abad,Millat Colony as well as Peoples Colony are included in this Faisalabad area indeed. Punjab Medical College Faisalabad also numbered differently. Ganga Pur also a well renowned area over there. So the detailed List of Faisalabad areas along with Zip codes are available in the form of table. The ultimate details of such Zip codes are used as short forms of areas.

    Postal Code of Faisalabad

    List of postal codes in Faisalabad

    FAISALABAD AMIN PUR BANGLOW 38200 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38201
    FAISALABAD BOARD OF EDUCATION 38004 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38005
    FAISALABAD G.P.O 38000 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38001
    FAISALABAD MADINA TOWN 38860 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38861
    FAISALABAD MILLAT COLONY 38080 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38081
    FAISALABAD NISHAT ABAD 38600 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38601
    FAISALABAD NOOR PUR 38700 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38701
    FAISALABAD PEOPLES COLONY No.2 38090 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38091
    FAISALABAD PUNJAB MEDICAL COLLEGE 38800 Faisalabad GPO Punjab 38801

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