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    Everyone needs good engine oil for their motorbike and car and Caltex is assume best company whom sub brand Havoline Oil price in Pakistan 2024 is of 1, 3 and 4 liter pack. As the alternative of them, many imported and local companies provide different type of lubricant but Caltex company is still the buyers favorite. After an certain time, they reviewed all lubricants rates and details of 1 Liter, 4 Liter, and 3 Liter engine prices shows that they increased more. They must tried to control it at this point.

    Havoline Oil Price in Pakistan 2024

    This engine oil gives more power to the vehicle engine as well Havoline bike oil starts from 6 hundred rupees and car engine oil price is different. So, get the 1 Liter, 3 Liter, and 4 Liter packing engine oil prices from this page.

    Havoline Engine Oil for Bike / Motorcycle Price in Pakistan

    Mostly motorbikes riders are confused about engine oil that which is good for bike. All types of Havoline lubricants for motorcycles that are in 1 liter pack is in the chart.

    Type(1 Liter Pack) for Bikes
    Super 4T Fully SAE 10W-40 1550 Rupees
    4T SAE 20W-50 950 Rupees
    4T SAE 20W40 790 Rupees
    Super 4T SAE 20W-50 675 Rupees
    4T SAE 20W-40 in (0.7 Liter Pack) 565

    Havoline Oil 1 Liter Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Now, for bike, they specified 1 Liter packing because the bike engine oil capacity is 1 Liter. Above are the prices and all oil types of Havoline here with a price.

    Havoline Engine Oil for Cars

    Mostly, engine oil capacity is around 3 liters in the car. If you are using a car and want an engine more powerful then must use Havoline Engine Oil. Varieties of Havoline Engine oil exist but it depends on customer choice.

    • All types of Havoline engine oil are written with a price.

    Havoline Oil 3 Liter Price in Pakistan

    For cars types like Hatchback and small engine vehicle capacity of oil is 3 Liters. Moreover, three liter packing of Havoline oil is also used for some sedans too. Their rates are:

    Oil Type
    Price(3 Liters)
    Havoline SAE 10W 30 3,860 Rupees
    Extra SAE 10W 40 3,620 Rupees
    CNG SAE 20W 50 3,790 Rupees
    Motor SAE 20W 50 3,000 Rupees

    This is Havoline for any need

    Havoline Oil 4 Liter Price in Pakistan:

    For jeeps and commercial vehicles, Havoline 4 liter engine oil is preferred by mechanics. Further, before going the shop must get the approximate prices.

    Oil Type Price(4 Liter)
    Havoline all Full Synthetic Types (5W 30), (0W 20), (5W 40) 7,830 Rupees
    Formula SAE 10W 30 5,180 Rupees
    CVT Fluid 6,425 Rupees
    Extra SAE 10 W 40 4,830 Rupees
    CNG SAE 20W50 5,060 Rupees
    SAE 20W 50 4000 Rupees

    It’s unfortunate that duplicate engine oil of this company is also selling that’s why buy it from some verified shop. They highlight some special numbers on the top of the bottle. Further, all Havoline Oil price in Pakistan 2024 has been same every where and this is identity of good brand too.

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