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PTCL Free EVO Device Offer for All DSL Subscribers How to Get USB

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    A particular information of the free offer given by PTCL for all DSL Subscribers, that now they can get free evo device is here, with the process that how to get this USB device. Its concept is really simple, all connection holders just need to pay additional 500 rupees on bases of per month and with out any worries they can get this device. This facility is available only for DSL users. Adding more value to our PTCL family experience; a joint promotion has been planned for all our PTCL broadband subscribers offering an on-the-go internet back-up for all those times when DSL goes offline. Now problem of going off line is going away, because in past users face difficulties because of fabric problem. Surely with this it will sort out to maximum extent.

    Moreover more main plus points of this package is listed below:

    1) First plus point is the free EVO 3.1 USB.

    2) Second advantage is in the form of save money because it is in Rs.500 per monthly EVO package.

    With out any doubt these are two big things that this net providing company is declare for their worthy customers.

    Free EVO Device Offer

    Under this promotion EVO Rev.A(3.1 Mbps) USB with PSTN/PTCL landline package will be offered to broadband customers at attractive rates and a backup connection. The promotion will create value for the customers by providing flexibility of use at multiple locations with a special 10 GB discounted package charging only Rs.500 per month.

    The duration of this package is one month. and this package is a postpaid package not prepaid package. The volume of this package is 10 G and a speed of 3.1 Mbps.

    EVO conection will be discounted if someone will not paid the monthly charges. If someone who disconnected it before 1 year. Rs 1000 will be charged from him as a penality.

    Service Availability:

    • It is available at any PTCL one stop Shop in Pakistan.

    PTCL is being offering an attractive package for DSL customers. Everyone who is using broadband internet can get advantage from this offer. Another advantage of this offer is that it has 10 GB volume and a speed of 3.1 Mbps. Surely this is enough for all users.

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