How to Block Lost Telenor Sim

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    Easy ways for the purpose that how to block lost Telenor sim online service and some other technique through which it’s really easy to attain the whole process of blocking. This is finest telecom company that’s understands the true needs of the people of Pakistan and always provides the simplest methods related to their network that’s easily understands by the users. One can follow couple of simple methods to block their Telenor SIM according to the Pakistan telecommunication authority rules. Through this, they tried to transfer full benefits to the customers and help their customer in any kinds of need in efficient ways.

    How to Block Lost Telenor Sim?

    There are so many people asked about the method how to block Telenor SIM number because everyone wants to know and everyone so conscious and worry about when phone is stolen or number is lost somewhere else. There are a lot of simplest methods to block their own telenor number that is

    • With IMEI Number
    • Through PIN Code
    • Through CNIC Number

    Through IMEI Number Block Lost Telenor Sim:

    This number is mention at back side of sim card. So one must write this number when purchase new sim. In case of lost one just need to go franchise and by giving this number they immediately block your number.

    Through PIN Code:

    Through PIN code one can also block number. If one sees the detail of this number then by default it is set to any kind of number and one has option to reset it. In case of lost sim when anyone else is going to restart it a code is need to apply before going to call. So when one put three wrong attempts then sim will automatically blocked. This is one best and effective way to protect sim but one has never an idea to apply it.


    These are two best ways to understand that how to block lost Telenor sim online. At last but not the least one also visit to near franchise with ID card on which sim is registered by giving this number to respected person he will able to block it. Hopefully, one from this method will work for you that is a need of present time in many of scenarios. So thanks to Telenor that take care much of those who are in their circle too.

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