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How To Fill Haj Application Form 2018

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    Once repeat, in 2018 there are lot people who are aiming to perform Hajj as it is the obligation on every Muslim to do at least once in life. So to go for Hajj its necessary to get Hajj application form and then submit it after filling it completely. Not only this, we have also briefly told you some basic info related to the topic that how to fill haj application form in 2018 and how to submit it. After filling the Hajj application form dully you have to submit it to the specific banks issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. With application form, there are some other important things that are indispensable like Passport on the first priority. The further list of documents is also listing below that are necessary to attach with the form.

    There are thousands of people who are going to Saudi Arabia for performing 2018 Hajj. The List of Banks is mentioned below, after completing the application forms dully all applicants have to submit it to the nearby bank branches as soon as possible.

    Along with forms, will have to submit their health status in advance and that data will be forwarded to Saudi Arabia so that they can make arrangements for your medical care during the time of Hajj.

    Required Documents:

    3 Photos of size 4×3 Centimeter along with background color of light blue

    • For ladies, it’s compulsory to wear Scarf on head in pictures

    Copy of Passport that is International Machine Readable (Valid to till 20-02-2019)

    •  A photocopy of your identity card

    A certificate or report of your medical that contains Blood group test

    • Some important things for all applicant to consider in Mind:

    Minimum age of your Mehram will be 15 years

    • The applicants of 80 years or more then this age must take a Male helper, who is also going for the first time for Hajj and his age must be lies under 50.

    List of Banks:

    list of the banks

    Note: Fill your Hajj form dully and attach all the required documents and submit it so any above-given bank branch. Till Here procedure to fill application is not given, probably one needs to give required info that is required on the form.

    • Info Add:

    info about Hajj

    All the details about Hajj Application form and to submit it are given here, you need to check them out and apply easily. Our priority is to provide you all the information that can facilitate you in any way. We always try to give you accurate and authentic information and will always be giving you.

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