iPhone 11 Pro Max Original Vs First Master China Korean Copy Price in Pakistan

A distinction in between iPhone 11 Pro Max Original Vs First Master China Korean Copy Price in Pakistan shows that the rate of the original one is much higher than the fake or copy. Of course, iPhone 11 pro max is trending in the market because it’s just outstanding in looks and features compared to all other phones of this range. Yes. Some replicas of iPhones 11 pro max are available that look like the original. People cannot trace the original iPhone because if we see the frame of a fake iPhone. Furthermore, it’s also a fact that the original iPhone is very expensive but the copy of the iPhone is available on the cheap rate that’s why the fake manufacturer is making money from the lovers of this model who cannot afford such a high price.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Original Vs First Master Copy Price in Pakistan:

Right now, China and Korean Copy of this model are available, so to knows the iPhone 11 Pro Max Original Vs First Master Copy Price in Pakistan just review the table.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Original Price in Pakistan iPhone 11 Pro Max Korean Copy Price in Pakistan iPhone 11 Pro Max China Copy Price in Pakistan
240,000/ Rupees 50,000/ Rupees 40,000/ Rupees
It varies 64/256/512GB Depends on Availably Depends on Availably

A major difference between original and replica iPhone is that the app store is running on the original iPhone while the android operating system is in the replica iPhone. Apart from this the major things from which we can differentiate the original and fake iPhones are listing below.

Check Welcome Screen:

In the original one, when you open the iPhone mobile then the apple company logo appears in the middle of the screen but in fake mobile simple iPhone text writing appears.

Camera Quality:

Yes, iPhone 11 pro max provides Camera quality of very high caliber as compared to all other available phones of the market while they provide some extra features like resolution, screen adjustment and different some modes. In fake phones, the camera quality must speak itself that this is not an original phone.

Missing Features:

In fake iPhone mobile, some unique features are not available like dark mode and some other function but these functions are available in original ones. The control function is also available in the original one. But, this is missing in fake phones.

Button Adjustment:

If the sleep mode button is not placed on the top of the right side, then you are buying a copy of the iPhone. So, must note it.

the rate of this phone

Check Logo:

Of course, the iPhone logo on the backside is the beauty of this mobile but in fake iPhone mobile logo shape and shine is accurate. Yes, when you buy a mobile and the Apple logo is not available on the rear side then you are purchasing a fake iPhone. Or else rub on the logo, you will definitely feel that its fake. But at the end of the day, the difference between iPhone 11 Pro Max original Vs first master China Korean copy price in Pakistan will give an option of buying who can not manage such a huge amount of cash for this dream phone.

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