Ufone Daily And Weekly SMS Packages

Is it true that you one of the Ufone customers? Do you love doing messages all the time? Well if yes then you must read this article because in this piece of writing we will be mentioning the entire details about Ufone daily and weekly SMS packages. Number of these two type of users are too much in numbers, that why company provide them wide range of options. This all is clear from below that how much they gives them offer to utilize in better way. Moreover its all depend on your suitability that which you want to activate. The major secret behind the success of this net work is that their officials understand, what their user require from them. And they have done proper work on these type of things that looks too small, but they all matters a lot.

Note: These offers are not for entire life, may be they will make some changes in them. But this all will decide according to need of users.

Ufone Daily And Weekly SMS Packages 001


Within this heading we will mention up all the SMS packages that have been covered inside the Ufone UTH service.

1.      UTH SMS FNF Package:

  • This offer has been just designed for the Ufone UTH customers that allow covering up their entire 30 days with unlimited messages.
  • This offer is just intended for sending the SMS to Ufone FNF numbers.
  • For getting activated with this offer just type “SUB” and send the message to 604.m
  • If you want to check the remaining messages just send black message to 606.

 2.      UTH Daily SMS Package:

  • The user will get the chance to take the pleasure from 600 messages bundle for 24 hours of time limit.
  • For getting activated with this offer just send message as “SUB” to 612.
  • This activation will cost the rate of Rs. 1.99 plus tax.

 3.      UTH Weekly SMS Package:

  • Through the weekly SMS bundle the customer will get the chance to get 1200 messages for one whole week as 7 days.
  • For getting subscribe just send message as “SUB” to 608.


  • Through this messages bundle the user will get enrich with 100,000 messages.
  • For activation just send message as “SUB” to 601.
  • The deduction charges for the activation will be Rs. 666 plus tax.


  • This service will just allow the customers to make the message on just Ufone numbers.
  • The limit for the messages will be unlimited but the time has been valid within 24 hours.
  • For getting subscribe with the offer just message at “SUB” at 611.
  • The cost of the activation will be Rs. 2 plus tax for one day. After inactivation the user has to get activate one more time.


  • This offer has been just set for the night time for Rs. 12am to 8 am.
  • The bundle available with the package will consist of 300 messages.
  • For activation just dial Rs. 1 plus tax. Just send messages as “SUB” to 609.


  • This offer will allow all the Ufone customers to take fun from 9,000 messages for one whole month.
  • This package can be activated by sending message to “SUB” to 607.
  • This activation will deduct the amount of Rs. 80 inclusion of taxes.

These different range of bundles shows the commitment of this net work to its users. Probably in fore coming days they will introduce some more things for their users.

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