Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 Battery Life, Mileage

Jolta company introduced electric bikes in Pakistan due to the high prices of petrol. Everyone wants to know Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 that are going to start from Rs. 1,20,000 to Rs. 1,92,000. No one except that such a low-budget option is manufactured in a very short time of about a year. And another imp side of this bike is that it’s locally made by the engineer, that’s the reason for its very economical price.  No doubt, this country has a lot of talent but because of the unavailability of sources, they failed to explore their abilities. Moreover, those people who seeking Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 now see below.

Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2023

All of the Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 are also going up. An further shift in price will also expect soon. As the petrol prices will not come in the control and few other issues also impact on its rate.

Jolta Electric Bike JE-70D (Basic Variant) Price Approx. Rs. 1,19,999/
Jolta Bike JE-70D (SE) Price About. Rs. 1,28,500/
Jolta Advance Electric Bike JE-70L Price Close to Rs. 1,73,450/
New Jolta 2023 model JE-100L Model Price It’s Rs. 1,93,700
Jolta Electric Bike 125cc Price in Pakistan Will Update Soon

Jolta Electric Bike Battery Life

Most important, when people buy an electric bike they must know about the battery life. Because some companies come in the market who give the electric bike and within few days battery time start going down.  But, they briefly worked this part and try to make it good.

Battery Life of Jolta Electric Bike 5 Years
  • Then, their is:

Jolta Electric Bike Mileage

In the automobile market, Jolta introduces the first time electric bike in Pakistan, and the mileage of this bike is outstanding. Furthermore, if you time full charge of this bike then you can travel above 100 km.

Jolta Electric Bike Mileage 165KM

The feature that makes the Jolta Electric motorcycle Special:

  • Average: With a fully charged battery, it covered about 40 KM which is really reasonable distance for a bike rider.

Maximum Speed: Secondly one will speed it up to 45 Km per hour which is also enough for the rider of urban areas.

  • The time required to fill the battery is about 6 Hours. So, if one will charge it in the early morning then it’s enough for the whole day’s usage.

Another major about it is that it requires only 1.5 units for the purpose of complete charging.

Jolta Electric Bike Kit Price:

  • Now, Jolta is properly functioning as a company, so in case of an issue with the kit or other problems, they will provide maintenance facilities as well.

a good electric motorcycle or bike

Difference between Jolta Electric Cycle, Scooter or Bicycle:

There is nothing different about Jolta electric cycle, Scooter Bicycle or Motorcycle. Right now, only one type of electric bike has been assembled by the Jolta. But, many of the names are rumored that are fake.

The quality adding up with the Jolta Electric bike price in Pakistan 2023 all are now looking fantastic. It’s a must try for every rider because this is a country product that has many benefits together. While, they also improved all aspects of this bike too.

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