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    After a final revision in the existing bundles, the new Ufone Sms packages 2024 is new for daily, weekly or else for monthly users. Basically, this network is targeting every type of cellular user of this country. Their packages cover a wide range of options, like in 2024 SMS offer of Ufone is not only for those users who need them for daily or weekly bases. One has the choice to activate them on monthly or for a whole year. Especially for all SMS users, still, this is the best network that offers such affordable rates. Every one of their upcoming packages always adds some new things that a customer needs from them.

    It’s not difficult for a user to understand the method of activation and deactivation of the Ufone Sms packages 2024. Majority of the time they nominate different codes against any special offer, that is different for Sub or UnSub purposes.

    Ufone Sms Packages 2024:

    Whole elaboration of the Ufone Sms Packages 2024 is in the chart, so it depend on you that which one full fill your necessity. So now one not required to pay an extra amount of money.

    One can observe that different type of packages is in the table. Because after the demand of the users, the number of SMS bundles has increased.

    The number of messages, their charges as well validity is separability in the tables.

    Ufone Weekly SMS Packages 2024:

    This bundle is only for the Uth Package customers. It’s a thought of few people that maximum users have shifted this way of communication but its not true. Yet this is one of the most usage way of transferring message. Further, its summary is in the below table.

    SMS Bundle Charges Validity
    1,250 12 One Week

    Code: Only type “Sub” and send it to “608”. So, one has not needed to worry much about the subscription because the entire process is not much complicated.

    Ufone Monthly SMS Package 2024:

    The company has termed this offer as an Unlimited Package. But exactly, it’s a limited bundle, but because of a good number, they will term it with this.

    SMS Bundle Charges Validity
    21,000 96 One Month


    This is “607” and the procedure is the exaclty same, as sending “Sub” to this code. Their are chances in the change of bundle but code will remain same.


    • Under these packages, customers are not allowed to send the SMS to some else country.
    • Sale tax is not adding in the above rates.
    • If one uses all SMS of the given limit, then surely one needs to reactivate this or another offer after 24 hours.
    • At any time one has an option to Unsubscribe any offer, like type ‘unsub’ and then send it to 8066( this is for weekly Users)

    Ufone Daily SMS Packages 2024:

    Let begin the table with one day offer: And then move on to others. Those who rarely use text to send message can subscribe it and use it without any tension.

    SMS Bundle Charges Validity Activation Code
    1,600 5 One Day Send ‘Sub’ to 605

    How to Activate Ufone SMS Packages?

    For convince of Ufone users, they divide these steps into two parts:

    First Step:     Type these three words “Sub”
    Second Step:  Forward this text to require a number code that is an issue against different bundles.

    How to Unsub Ufone SMS Packages?

    • To deactivate or unsubscribe any of bundle, just type “Unsub” in the text box and send it to 506. So, like joining, they way to left the bundle is equal easy.

    Check out how they make it easy, just to overcome a number of troubles. We hope so this network will carry on their quality work during the upcoming time. Most expectedly, Ufone Sms packages 2024 will answer the customer complaints. This is also good for those who just left their usage just because of tariff or same like these factors.

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