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    This brand is again revolving everywhere by announcing the free facebook browsing under its offer of the Zong free facebook code 2024. After this news, Zong family can use this social network without having any balance. After applying the code, this campaign will last for next 14 days. Before this, few of their competitor also introduce same like offer, so now Zong comes up with this one that is massive then others. You have subscribed to do it absolutely free. On every day by, one can use unlimitedly. Right now, users are happy with this partnership of Facebook that outclass many other.

    Zong Free Facebook Code 2024:

    Any specified code is not directed by the company for this purpose. However, a very simple process is required to activate it. Furthermore, the procedure is that:

    Step  1 Create a new account of Facebook by using yours Zong Contact Number.
    Step 2 After creating the account, one will use free facebook for the further or next (14) Fourteen days. Yes, its much simple and easy as well.

    Surely this is good gesture that every client need from their company. Its true to say that this is their best collaboration, that why they need to introduce these type of things to attract.


    Through this, one will not watch videos on the facebook. This is only to browse the basic source of this social media platform.

    2nd Process to Use Free Facebook on Zong:

    On the Android Smartphone, their is a button of the “Lightswitch toggle”. Through this, one will choose the Free Mode and also the Data Mode. By choosing the Free mode, the user can get free access of usage.

    • Note: Again, their is no code. With this button one will use Free Facebook.

    Difference between Zong Facebook Data Mode and Zong Facebook Free Mode:

    • 1: In data mode, one will utilize all of the advance features like the see and upload videos and other heavy content.
    • 2: While, the free mode is also not use less. Through this one will comment on any post, Upload status and much more also its part like and share.

    Their is no worries of the ending of this offer in the dedicated time. Moreover, everything is easy to manage. While, never forget that this is free of cost, so never need to worry.

    latest of the Zong for this

    This company has attained outstanding success during the past year; they always glance to share its success with the customer. This offer of Zong free facebook code 2024 is also a part of the same ideology to reward the customer for replacing their trust in them. It’s more then a golden chance, because without spending any balance, one will check the notifications and other major features. Let see, how many will be the lucky individual to get this option for free in good times.

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    1. mujahid khan says:

      plz sir qurandazi ma mera name nikaly ma sir 45din sa contiunes use kr rha ho sir plz sir aj qurandazi ka din ha sir plz my num 3156923782 ha kindly

    2. mujahid khan says:

      ma zong walo ka bht shuker guzar rho ga or bht sara costumer ko zong ma lay ao ga sir

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