Solar Auto Rickshaw Price in Pakistan 2019

Yet, the confirm figures of the Solar auto rickshaw price in Pakistan 2019 are not confirmed. But, in recent energy crises, everyone demanded such type of automobiles. Unquestionably, from last many years peoples of Pakistan experienced the deficiency of fuel, that rise its price too high. Nevertheless, the introduction of CNG vehicle overcome fuel usage. But now we are facing a gas shortfall too. So in the current situation, this is the best type of vehicle. In below, a photo of this solar auto rickshaws clears its outer look and design.

Another significant thing is that rickshaw is an earning source of poor or lower-middle-class peoples. So at this level, a small expense also matters in earning. So by involving this technique, it will be really useful for all those peoples who use this vehicle. Here you can find the whole detail of Solar auto rickshaw with its latest price.

Right now it’s also the duty of government that they support this type of projects. No doubt, the govt encouragement will increase its productivity in a lesser price range.

Solar auto rickshaw price in Pakistan 2019:

  • Right now the estimated Solar auto rickshaw price in Pakistan 2019 is 230,000 Rupees. Further, the exact rate of this vehicle will clear at the time of its availability.

Pic of this Automobile:

Solar auto rickshaw price in Pakistan 2013

For the estimation of price, an overview of its construction is very productive. About five solar panels that are attached with five batteries have used in its manufacturing. Through solar panel, energy can be transferred to these batteries and they are used as storage devices. Maintenance of this system is also not too high. If one face any fault in this system then its recovery is really easy. So in the future, this is one successful vehicle used at the public level. Currently, it seems that Solar Auto Rickshaw price in Pakistan 2019 will bitt high, but after the passage of some time, it will go down.

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