Brighto Paint Price List 2024 in Pakistan Distemper, Weathershield, Super Emulsion

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    This is a recognized brand of Paints with a very positive rating. In Pakistan, Brighto Paint price list 2024 has different rates for distemper, weathershield, super emulsion and others. This company is in this line from previous several years and in this long journey, they won several awards on national and international forums. They got these rewards due to the good quality of their paint. In addition, Brighto paints rates are also relying on their packing too. So, one can purchase it as per their need and their is minimum chance of its maximum usage too.

    Brighto Paint Price List 2024

    Complete up to date price list 2024 of Brighto paint has now been issued by the company for both outer and inner. Further, it also again differentiate in many of types and result of every product is unique. Start with the Brighto exterior paint price:

    Type(For Exterior) 1 Liter Pack 4 Liter Pack 16 Liter Pack
    Basic Brighto Any Weather Outer Side Paint 1310 Rupees 4640 Rupees 18225 Rupees

    And next is:

    • Synthetic Enamel:
    Type 0.25 Liter 0.90 Liter 3.6 Liter 14.5 Liter
    Synthetic Enamel 370 Rupees 1160 Rupees 4540 Rupees 17840 Rupees

    Then, their is more:

    Bright Paint Price in Pakistan 2024:

    • The approximate price figure of Braigto Paint is helpful for estimation and we have gathered them online. Moreover, every month they revise the price list before buying from a local market must check the new rates too.

    Brighto Distemper Price List 2024:

    Basically, distemper is mostly used for the indoor purpose and now company also add types in it. On customer demand, the company introduces different packing. So, the prices are different.

    Type 1 Liter 4 Liter 16 Liter
    Stain Free 1830 Rupees 6860 Rupees 27100 Rupees
    • Another good option that has replaced the distemper is:
    Type 1 Liter 4 Liter 16 Liter
    Plastic Emulsion 1250 Rupees 4440 Rupees 17420 Rupees

    Brighto Paints Weathershield Price in Pakistan:

    After the distemper, now, Brigto company has best of outdoor paint weather Shield which is much beneficial in rainy weather. During rain, this paint does not damage.

    Type(For Outer) 4 Liter 16 Liter
    Wall Shield or Weathershield 3520 Rupees 13,745 Rupees

    Brighto Super Emulsion Price List:

    This is superior quality paint as compared to distemper and weather shield that’s why it is a bit expensive. For the suitably of clients its lesser packing is also managed by the company.

    Type 0.9 Liter 3.6 Liter 14.5 Liter
    Super Emulsion 615 Rupees 2120 Rupees 8140 Rupees
    • Interior Wall Emulsion:
    Type 3.6 Liter 14.5 Liter
    Wall Emulsion 1670 6405

    Compare it with:

    Note: All of these prices are approximate and their is always chances of bit change in them. But they will give you a close idea of rates. Thank u.

    amount to pay for it

    Brighto Paints Shade Card:

    • This is really beneficial to pick the right color of brighto paint. They have now properly uploads all of their shade card on the formal site. So, one can easily collect their color chart and then easily can select the favorite option.

    In the Market, every person demands Brighto paint due to its price and quality. They have decided to paint in various different qualities that have been mentioned above while prices of all qualities are different. Moreover, in big cities of Pakistan, they have opened official outlets to get Brighto Paint price list 2024 but in small cities, some authorized dealers are working. When they change the price they firstly upload it on the official webpage which people easily check and then send to the authorized dealers. Before buy must view the price and then buy. As well as, this content also helped regarding this purchase or selection.

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