IMT Tractor Price in Pakistan 2017 577 565

This tractor brand has popularity as the bull powers. For farmers, they are one of the best investments by far. They are comes with the long lasting quality. For the information, this brand stands for Industry of Machinery and Tractors. This industry is primarily responsible for producing and manufacturing tractors. They are also vendors of best quality machines. IMT is too responsible for the making of other agricultural equipment’s. Their tractors have different power range. These IMT tractor models 565 and 577 have turbo engines. Have a look at the price and main feature details of these subjected tractor model 2017 in Pakistan:


  • With a weight of about 2200 kg these are best for farming. They can give you maximum agricultural output. Best techniques can be carried with the use of these machines. They are massively used by the farmers of Pakistan these days.
  • Their prices are affordable. You can have them on sales. Their second hand models are also available in the market. Many traders sell them on suitable price ranges.
  • These models come with water cooling features. They have a diesel engine and comprise of 4 cylinders
  • They have battery of 2 numbers and a Clutch dual transmission system is there too.
  • Forward gears are a part of these both models. They gives you power speeding features. That is one best spec for carriage purpose from one place to another.


Both of these Models according to HP:

  • IMT-565: 60 HP power

It’s Price Range in Between 9 Lakh to 10 Lakh Rupees.

  • IMPT-577: 76 HP power

It’s Price Range in Between 10 Lakh to 12 Lakh Rupees.

Do buy this tractor during 2017 if you are a farmer in Pakistan. If you have a land and one aim to prepare it more suitable for farming then this machine is best option for you to buy. These are rightly to be called as Bull Power tractors because of heavy engine. They are easy and convenient to drive. Most important they are best according to suitability of land. This is one major necessity of a farmer, so they always looking forward towards a quality product that used in front of every machines.

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