Honda Generator Price in Pakistan 2022 2kva, 3kva, 4kva, 5kva, 8kva

Originally based on the 2kva, 3kva, 4kva, 5kva, 8kva, the Honda Generator Price in Pakistan is varying slightly or probably going upward in 2022. In a few circumstances, generators are still a basic need in the absence of electricity. This problem is having the worst effects of the Pakistan industry now they enter a stage that it’s compulsory to see alternates. Now, mini industry and families are thinking about generators that are able to fulfill their major requirements. When one chooses generators as a source then they focus on its consumption with its efficiency. In this race, Honda generators are seeing to forward from other generator companies.

Honda Generator Price in Pakistan 2022:

A genuine chart of Honda Generator Price in Pakistan is the only actual key source in 2022 for those who wish to purchase it from any store, especially from some local shop. Recently, they introduce different models of generators and with the passage of time, they also had done improvements in them.

Honda Generator 2kva ER2500SX Price in Pakistan:

  • The model number of this capacity Honda generator is ER2500SX. Moreover, of this model, Honda Generator 2kva Price in Pakistan is 75,000 Rupees. And this is a lower price appliance of this brand.

If one sees the specifications of this generator then its rated output is 2 kVA. This is good for daily usage. And with this usage, its consumption is 1.15 liter per hour. While the noise intensity of this model is 65 dB that is also the minimum.

Honda Generator 3kva Price in Pakistan:

Its approximate output is 3.2 kVA, while the model is EG4000CX. In this generator, they increase the oil tanks and increase tank capacity up to 24 liters. They also had done a lot on its noise problem due to this they limited the Noise Level to 70 dB. With this usage, its consumption rate is 2 liters per hour.

  • Last but not the least, Honda Generator 3kva Price in Pakistan is nowadays 196,000 Rupees that is the updated one.
  • The exact 3kva model is EZ3000CX whom rate is 80,000 Rupees that is much cheaper from the upper one.

Honda 4kva Generator Price in Pakistan:

  • An extra addition to the 4kva model is EM6000GN. Spec-wise and also the Honda 4kva Generator Price in Pakistan is the same as the 3.2  kva that is 195,000 Rupees. The difference is just of weight and also the output.

Honda Generator 5kva EG6500CXS Price in Pakistan:

This is designed for those whose usage is much, they are also able to run Air Condition as well as Fridge. In Pakistan 5KVA Honda Generator Price in Pakistan is 250,000 Rupees. Yes, if you don’t know the model then EG6500CXS is the number. So note it down.

Honda Generator 8kva Price in Pakistan:

  • The biggest option of this company that is EM10000. Moreover, cost-wise, 765,000 Rupees is the Honda Generator 8kva Price in Pakistan. This is not designed for everyone or normal usage. Apparently its rate is much much higher but the one has its usage can understand its worth.

Honda generator prices in Pakistan 2.5kva, 3kva, 5kva, 7kva

Now in recent models, they introduce the latest technology due to which they become more consumption efficient and after this, they also solve the major problems of noise. In short, these are perfect generators for all types of users.

Honda Inverter Generator Price in Pakistan:

In inverter technology, there are 2 options. One is 2.8 kVA and the second one is 5.5 kVA that is termed as EU30is and also EU65is. However, the Honda inverter generator price in Pakistan is 320,000 of 2.8kva and also 665,000 of 5.5kva respectively. Both are outclassing any other if one compared to any other. So, if you are the regular users then must go with them. We have not missed in 2022 anything related to Honda Generator Price in Pakistan. Maybe, in the market, you will find some other model too but these are the latest, and there on the site too.

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