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A month that is full of blessings is now going to its end, so remaining one are golden moment for pray.  During last days a night has greater important to pray so never miss chance of praying for yourself as well for nation to. While through sharing best wishes is also good during these moments. Laylatul Qadr is on 27 Ramadan and Prayer,Dua, Hadith, Sms Messages and Namaz  are all necessary activities to do. The Whole Month of Ramadan is the month of blessings of Allah Almighty. This Month is having such importance that when its comes near by according to Islamic calendar, People exchange their views about the Importance and Schedule during Ramadan and makes their Timetable accordingly, On the other hand when it is near by for going than its makes people sad because people feels that what a beautiful days was that now passed away. Such opportunities for virtues in this month never comes again till after a whole year.

So it is confirmed now that this is most important month in which every individual try to make himself without even one sin. This month is the month of Prayers and every one try to meet the requirements of this month as much as he can at Individual level.

 As the words reminds Muslims that how Ramadan and this night is important for them. Besides fasting the Muslims have to perform the Tarawih prayer along with the Isha time. There are twenty rakats to be offer with each in two rakats. The muazin recites a part of the holy Quran in each rakat. It is believed that the reward of these two prayer is very high than two offered in any other holy month. So its necessary to pray on that very special moments.

Laylatul Qadr

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This is time of pray so never miss this chance, it come once in a year. So must cash this time of blessings. This is also time to help desired persons, it is the duty of the Muslim is to help the needy people and should distribute alms among them. These all are the activities that must cause of forgiveness. Pray for this nation to because we all needs help.


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