Price Of Yamaha Dhoom YD70 In Pakistan

This time Yamaha has arrived in the market with the heart throbbing Yamaha Dhoom YD70. In this article we will be discussing all the details and price of Yamaha Dhoom YD70 in Pakistan. Yamaha has been one of the top distinguished and successful companies in the whole world. They have been always known for their stylish looking bikes that forget the men to blink their eyes. Well not just in Pakistan but even in India this brand has made every single man as crazier for the bikes. This time as well there has been something new and spanking fresh looking in Yamaha Dhoom YD70. This bike has been filled with all those desirable features and specifications that are needed in any bike. Well for knowing all such specifications let’s have a look over the article.

Price Of Yamaha Dhoom YD70 In Pakistan

Price Of Yamaha Dhoom YD70 In Pakistan 001


  • Cylinder:

The Cylinder of Yamaha Dhoom YD70 has been filled with the four strokes air cooled capacity.

  • Fuel Coverage:

The fuel tank of the bike can take hold over the 1.5 liter of fuel inside the bike.

  • Distance Coverage Capacity:

Yamaha Dhoom YD70 can travel at the approximate distance of almost 55 kilometers that can run for maximum three days.

  • Speedometer:

The bike has also been covered with the speedometer that would help the traveler to identify the speed checker.

  • Seating Facility:

The seats of the bike have been covered with the comfortable fabric that has been quite convenient in travelling as well.


The rates of Yamaha have been kept as quite affordable and reasonable rated for the men. The existing price height of Yamaha Dhoom yd 70 is Rs. 48,875. Yamaha has always kept their rates as low and affordable and this time it has been quite obvious with the Yamaha Dhoom YD70.

Well at the end of the story we would say that all those people who have still not take the pleasure from Yamaha Dhoom YD70 then just stop thinking and grab this bike now. Even the person is at the age of 70 he will surely feel that he has turn into 20 as soon as he drives over the bike. We are sure that you will definitely fall in love with this bike for sure. Catch it now before any one of your friend gets it.

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