Toyota Corolla Altis 2015 Price In Pakistan

With launch of new model Toyota Corolla Altis 2015 price in Pakistan. Toyota is considered to be most popular automobile company in Pakistan. Every year, Toyota introduced numerous latest designs and models of cars. Recently, Toyota has introduced another model i-e Toyota Corolla Altis. In this informative post, we will discuss the detailed review and price of Toyota Corolla Altis 2015. It is considered to be dream car because of its elegant exterior and the mixture of different features like reliability, safety and incredible performance. These are considered to be important features of Toyota Corolla Altis which make this car more incredible. The most important feature of Toyota Corolla Altis 2015 is the incredible fuel efficiency. The feature of fuel efficiency is offered by the existence of dual WT-I technology. Person can enhance his driving experience by choosing the best transmission system. This latest and exclusive model is available in different colors in the market. Moreover, we would like to mention this latest model offers another feature is that person can easily start the engine just by pressing the button. Furthermore, person can enjoy his trips with the modern DVD touch screen.

Toyota Corolla Altis 2015 Price In Pakistan

Altis pic

Brief Review Of Toyota Corolla Altis 2015:

Now we would like to discuss the brief review of Toyota Corolla Altis 2015.

  • Company name: Toyota.
  • Model: Altis.
  • Doors: 4
  • Year: 2015.
  • Type of Engine: 1.6L, Dual WT-I ZR.
  • Colors: 7.
  • Transmission: Automatic.
  • Fuel System: EFI with Dual WTI.
  • Steering System: Electronic Power Steering.

Price Of Toyota Corolla Altis 2015:

Now we would like to mention the price of Toyota Corolla Altis 2015.

  • Altis M/T price: Rs: 1,899,000.
  • Altis Cruisetronic price: Rs: 1,994,000.
  • Altis M/T Sunproof price: Rs: 1,994,000.

Overall, we can say that Toyota Corolla Altis 2015 is the most beautiful, efficient and incredible luxuriant car. In short, this model is considered to be all round best performer vehicle along with high quality interior in order to give best driving experience. If you want to buy new car for this year, then you should buy Toyota Corolla Altis 2015. But before buying this car, you should read out the above mentioned features. We hope that this post will be useful those people who wants to buy new and latest Toyota Corolla Altis 2015. So don’t waste your time and check out the above mentioned details for buying this car.


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