Toyota Corolla XLI 2015 Price In Pakistan, Features

All the people who are reading this article they must hold their breath because in this article we will be discussing about Toyota Corolla XLI 2015 price in Pakistan and its features. Yes you are absolutely right! Toyota Corolla XLI has one more time banged in the market with the highlight of its new and much fresh features and specifications. Toyota has always been named as one of the most favorite and desirable cars brands in the whole world. It has not just gained big name in the Pakistan Motor Market but it has even accounted huge reputation name in the international standards as well. Finally, Toyota Corolla XLI 2015 has all hit down the markets and they are all set to drive the people even extra crazier and passionate for this car. The demand and wish for such luxurious cars is often getting increased with the passage of time and hence this can be quite obvious from this car for sure.

Toyota Corolla XLI 2015 Price In Pakistan, Features

XLI 2015


  • The existing market cost of this car has been ranging at the height of Rs 1.5 million for the customers.
  • This car has been one of the leading selling cars in 2015.
  • Corolla XLI has been fitted with the CNG system that even involves the seats, cabin system and every single feature that should be coordinated in any luxurious car.
  • In addition, it has been accessible in three different colors adding with deep blue, black & white and medium silver colors.
  • This car has been lacking with the power windows and ABS brakes facility and hence the absence of this feature has actually disappointed many people.
  • It can travel for maximum 50, 000 kilometers either on gas or petrol and it even offers the warranty of two years as well.
  • It can accommodate maximum five people inside the car and even serve the drivers with the fog and dark night lights as well.


  • Corolla XLI Black & White Rs 1,534,000.
  • Corolla XLI Deep Blue Metallic Rs. 1,537,500.
  • Corolla XLI Medium Silver Color Rs. 1,554,500.

Well we would like to suggest all the fans of Toyota that if they were desperately waiting around for the arrival of new Corolla XLI model then they must give a quick look at this new and fresh looking XLI model of 2015. We are sure that you will just say WOW……….

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