Call Centers in Lahore

Call Centers in Lahore much target the students mostly undergo undergraduate studies.Actually Students always seek practical exposure in reading as well as writing skills the most trendy language English. Fluency of English Language is only the pre-requisite to get an successful berth in Call centers. About 90% Students community utilizing Call centers but most of them use this place just for part time other than their original job upon their completion of studies. Actually there are two basics types of Call Centers in Lahore, one of them is Inbound and other in outbound.

A Call centre or Call Center whatever you want to say is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by using the source of Telephone so far. Inbound Call center is operated by a company to govern incoming product support or after sale services. Actually customer focused to gives them complete assistance to their company’s customers. On the other hand Outbound Call Centers are operated for telemarketing for solicitation of Charitable or political donations as for as debt Collection. if we also analyze the call center further than we come to know that handling of letters,faxes,live chat as well as for e-mails at one location. The technology used by all Call centers are using Computer Telephony Integration(CTI). Actually Call centers are based upon customer relationship management (CRM) as in Lahore.

Call Centers in Lahore

Call Centers in Lahore

  1. 0064 VoIP
  2. 1 800 Call Center
  3. 1 Live Telephone Operators
  4. 1 Varshyl Company
  5. 1-800
  6. 1-800-WeAnswer
  7. 1Call Call Center Systems
  8. 1World Telecommunications Pty Ltd
  9. 24 by 7 Contact Solutions
  10. 24 Hours Call
  11. 24-7 INtouch
  12. 24/7/365 Call Centre Online
  13. 24seven Call Center
  14. 24X7 Communications Inc
  15. 24×7 Direct
  16. 24×7 Live Chat
  17. 3C-Customer Contact Center S.A.
  18. 3CLogic
  19. 3G Contact Center
  20. 3i: Interaction, Innovation, Inspiration
  21. 4BranVoip
  22. 5C Alliance
  23. 724Care
  24. 724Care Philippines
  25. 825 Solutions Call Center
  26. 999 CC Corporation
  27. @Comm Corporation
  28. @Voice
  29. A & W Medical Transcription Service
  30. A&E Global Fusion
  31. A1 InfoSolutions
  32. Abacus Investment
  33. Abacus Media International
  34. Above The Rest Telemarketing
  35. ABS Communications
  36. AbsoluteXS, Inc.
  37. ABSystems
  38. Accede Manpower Services AMS
  39. Accelerate International
  40. Accelerated Payment Systems, Inc.
  41. Access Meridian Contact Solutions
  42. Access Springboard Philippines
  43. Accolade Support
  44. Accor Advantage Plus
  45. Accrue Convergence Solution
  46. Accurate Always
  47. Accurate Communications
  48. Accusys, Inc.
  49. AccuTel, Inc.
  50. Ace Global Services

Did you ever join Call Center during your studies as part and if so than name your call center in below given comment section at this page and also mention how long you was over there at that place.

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  1. i join a call center in 06-06-2012 when i free from my 1st year exams & still i am doing a job in energy compain in Icon Marketing as a TSR. This is a good job specially for student who is also doing a study like the communication skill is gonna very high you know that how you have to speak to the person & they also get the good salary package

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