How to Prepare for Ielts Speaking, Writing and Reading Test in Pakistan

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    Yes, this is the International English Language Testing System. This system is considered to be the most reliable system of English language test. If you want to study abroad  almost all the universities across the world ask for a specific Ielts score. Ielts is also required for immigration of some countries. Two organizations examine Ielts test i.e. The British Council and I.D.P. This test assess the language ability of a candidate who wants to study or work in a place where English language is a medium of communication. Basically, there are four sub tests in this testing system i.e.

    • (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking).

    Ielts Speaking Test consists of one-to-one interview with a well trained examiner. There are three parts of this test which are led by the examiner. This test usually take 11 to 14 min. The three parts are:

    1. An introduction

    2. An interview

    3. An individual long turn speech in which the candidate speaks for 1 to 2 min on a particular topic and this will lead to the two way discussion linked to the topic of individual long turn.

    To get prepared for this test the essential thing is to be confident. You should be clear and loud in your speaking. Try to speak small and simple sentences with correct English. You should be relevant to the question asked or the topic given. If you do not know the answer, say sorry instead of making guesses which will be the negative impression. As English is a second language for the Pakistani candidates so you have much extra effort.

    You should speak complete English sentences in your everyday conversation. It will add to your confidence. Read more and more English books which will improve your accent and vocabulary. If you follow all these instructions, you are certainly prepared for your speaking test without joining any academy.

    • Ielts Writing Test lasts for 60 min. Students can take an academic test or a general training test. Students have to take an Academic test or a general training test. Students have to take two writing tasks which have different styles of writing. There is no choice in question. You can pass this test only when you have good writing skills and waste knowledge. Writing skills can be improved only when you try to write everyday.

    Get the passed papers of the writing test of Ielts and try to write on those topics. Make a habit of reading English newspaper and informative books to add to your knowledge. Have good command on English language and spellings. Dictation is a good way to improve spellings and writing speed.

    • Ielts Reading test lasts for 60 minutes. As in writing test, candidates have to do either an academic test or a general training test. Each test has three parts. There are 40 questions based on 3 reading passes. It is common mistake made by the candidates that they begin reading a text without having a reason to read.  Always have a reason to read a text. It is essential to have a logic plan before intending to read the Reading Passage.

    To prepare for this Reading test, you have make a habit of quick reading and just go through the texts keeping an eye on important words and things. It is not important to read each and every word carefully and slowly. You should train yourself for a quick reading. The given glossary should be read because it will help in understanding the unfamiliar terms.

    the test

    You have to answer all the questions quickly. If you do not know any answer do not waste time and move on. Come to it later. It is also important to know how to skim and scan the passage without wasting time in detailed reading. Just get the relevant information. You have approximately 1 minute to answer a question. Do not panic, if you are not able to answer all the questions.

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