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    Hopefully, this essay will conclude that What Role will Robots Play in the Future. Robotics is an emerging and fast-growing field with the immense potential to change global operations. It can be compared with computers. As computers brought revolution in thinking patterns of human society and robots would bring revolution to physical patterns of human society. The validation of the future of robotics can be traced from its growth. Basically, the concept of robotics is not a new one, because the basic concepts of automata traced back to 9th century BC in writings of Lie Zi. From that, the concept starts evolving and around 1495 world witness a basic humanoid robot.

    In 1948, Norbert Wiener came up with the concept of cybernetics, which gave birth to new age practical robotics. That was followed up by the installation of the first robot in the industrial environment in 1961.

    Furthermore, IRB 6 came up in 1974, which was controllable by the microcomputer. 21st-century witnesses the overwhelming growth in the field of robotics, which starts from ASIMO in 2000 and followed by Actroid in 2003, Sophia in 2016 and many others. That reiterates the growth of field and inclusion of features every passing day.

    The purpose of robotics is also expanding every day. Currently, robotics has validated its presence in the fields of military, industrial automation, construction, agriculture, kitchen help, sports, cleaning, domestic, nanorobots and swarm robots.

    The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technology to the field of Robotics brings new heights to it. Those techniques will equip robotics with a basic manual of instructions to operate individually but also in mutually interactive situations.

    Furthermore, the fleet of robots would be used to conduct a mission in the future when artificial intelligence will teach them to behave intelligently and blockchain technology will equip them to be interactive.

    On the other hand, nano-robotics would be used in the field of medicine to detect and cure diseases, especially Cancer. Moreover, the progress in humanoid robots is also at a fast run, where Sophia portrays the most human resemblance of any robot and ASIMO is considered as the most advanced humanoid robot when it comes to features.

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    The current century seems to witness a change of millennium because the increased growth of robotic functions and abilities has a potential to replace humans from all industries and services, as a better alternative. That would device a new world, where dedicated robots and intelligent robots both grows simultaneously to shape the new world. Whereas, the less addressed problem is the security of data and misuse of robo-machines, which need to be addressed to a level of its potent.

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