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    It’s a fine institute in the field of Medical as well no doubt they are running as a private organization and tried to give the prime quality of education to the students. Only problem for a student is Ziauddin Medical College fee structure 2024 that this is immense amount as compare to public medical colleges. On top of that, the latest fee structure of this college has been posted by the administration because the test is also on board, and now they will give admission to the students who have cleared the test. Further, the criteria for the processing of fee for MBBS, and BDS is also straightforward and you can take it.

    Ziauddin Medical College Fee Structure 2024:

    Every medical student pick that specific institute that is directly attached with some standard hospital from which he or she can get early house job. If one pay Ziauddin Medical College fee structure 2024, then the student will get all of these facilities there. Moreover, the management also distributes the education with professional and highly expert faculty members.

    Ziauddin Medical College MBBS Fee Structure:

    Two major charges amount in the fee structure of Ziauddin Medical College is the tuition fee and other is the admission charges. By combing both of them, the first year fee will apply on the selected person.

    Duration Amount
    Ziauddin Medical College 1st Year MBBS Fee Structure 2,200,000 Rupees
    Fee for 2nd  Year 2,400,000 Rupees
    Fee for 3rd  Year 2,760,000 Rupees
    For 4th Year 2,760,000 Rupees
    For 5th Year Same
    • The next is:

    Ziauddin Medical College BDS Fee Structure 2024:

    To clear the students who are looking at the BDS fee structure. Availability of this course is finally add in this institute because apart from MBBS, this is second major degree to the students.

    Course Duration (4 Year) Fee
    Ziauddin Medical College 1st Year BDS Fee Structure 1,800,000 Rupees
    BDS 2nd  Year Fee 1,800,000 Rupees
    3rd  Year FEE 2,040,000 Rupees
    Fee of 4th Year Same as above one

    To insure more then you can contact in admin office where complete staff who handle the admission process they will guide you properly. Maybe, in the future, they will add more program then it will share with the audience too.

    complete of charges for this institute

    Other medical colleges of Karachi are also worthy but many of experts rate it very good and everyone is well aware of this fact. Further, numbers acceptable for the program of MBBS are limited and they only permit the right candidates. Besides this, they revise the Ziauddin Medical College fee structure 2024 at time of coming admission. Again, firstly review the eligibility criteria of fee and other dues then decide about admission.

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