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    One aspect that makes Charna Island so beautiful is its stunning unique landscapes and beautiful water. Visitors have much to do here like scuba diving, boating and more. By paying Charna Island ticket price 2024, one will enjoy these activities. Few packages at this island are also offered by tourism companies that are good for the full day outing. They also take care of the safety aspects that make your tour more secure and memorable too. No doubt, underwater animals include fishes and plants attract everyone but it needs some precautions too.

    Charna Island Ticket Price 2024:

    Different tourists pics are enough to prove that Charna Island ticket price 2024 are yet very decent. The water here is of such unique blue color due to the natural minerals, and it is said to have just because of nature. Further, the prices of:

    Charna Island Packages 2024:

    There are two Charna Island packages 2024; one is for “Diving” and second is for “Snorkeling”. Any of the packages has different kind of services. So, first the basic one is:


    The famous “Scubaclub” offered it in “4500 Rupees” that is charged for one individual. All travel expenses too from their decided pickup point are also part of it.

    • Maximum Visitors Allowed in one group is: 28
    • Time: 8 Mornings to till 8 Evening

    Next is the:

    Charna Island Scuba Diving Charges:

    For many, Scuba diving is the lifetime memorable experience. Further, Charna Island Scuba Diving Charges are currently “9,000 Rupees” that has covered both snorkeling and diving too. Those who want to get extra suit for the warming purposed charged “500 Rupees” and it’s your choice that you want to take it too.

    • Total Tour Timing: 12 Hours
    • From lunch to snorkeling or great diving is its part.
    • While, 0333-0033152 is the contact number.

    Charna Island Distance from Karachi: Its almost “41 Kilometer”

    they are best

    In addition to its natural beauty, Charna Island is also home to a number of interesting cultural attractions. This has a long and rich history that also makes it historical point too.

     In conclusion, this is a truly fascinating and must visit place in life. Whether you are exploring the underneath water, or experiencing swim, there is something for everyone in packages or Charna Island ticket price 2024. Its landscapes and rich history make it a tourist point that is unlike any other. Special for the Karachi people, they must arrange time for it at least once in life.

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