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Aladin Park Karachi Entry Ticket Price 2024 and Wristband

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    Parks are very important in our life because when anyone fed up with our daily routine then mostly like to prefer to spend some time in a calm place. The people who are from the lighting city Karachi are always looking forwards to arrange a visit in amusement place; for this pay amount of wristband and Aladin park Karachi entry ticket price 2024 and enjoy some quality time there. In the hectic lifestyle, we spend some moments of our life with our friends, children, parents as well. So to fulfill this purpose we go to the parks and meet with other people, playing games with children and enjoy the whole. In Pakistan, Sunday is the best day of going park with their family members enjoy the whole day because they bring with them their food which makes them physically boost.

    Aladin Park Karachi Entry Ticket Price 2024:

    • Only Pakistani 50 Rupees is the Aladin Park Karachi entry ticket price 2024. Oh, in these type of situation this is like free of cost place to visit. So, what you are thinking and enjoy this parks for different purposes like physical activities, for enjoyments’ and children playing.

    There is a number of parks situated in Pakistan especially in Karachi. Among them, Aladin park is one of the best because there is a number of rides with reasonable ticket prices. When you decide about this park for a picnic then the next step is to collect the complete info about the ticket price.

    Aladin Park Wristband Price 2024:

    This park has over 40 rides and specially designed for children, adults, and teenagers. So, if one pay only the Aladin Park Wristband Price 2024 then with this amount enjoys up to 30 rides. Every of ride is so nice and affordable, so purchase a wristband and feel free to get any ride.

    Aladin Park Wristband Price   300 Rupees (From Monday to Thursday)
    While, on other days 400 Rupees ( From Friday to Sunday)
    • Note: Not confirm that when this wristband offer will expire.

    Aladin Park Karachi Location:

    This beautiful park is located in Karachi and you must visit Aladin park and make their Sunday or evening special with their family.

    • Address: Rashid Minhas Road, Block 11 Gulshan-n-e Iqbal Karachi. ( Note it down and arrange tour)

    Aladin Park Rides Name and Prices:

    In the Aladin Park there are number of rides and most people do not know the name of these rides. At this place we tell you the popular rides detail names beside this in the park you will found over 40 rides. Meanwhile, the prices of every ride is different, whose actual amount idea is available at their ticket booth.

    new charges Aladin Park Karachi to visit there

    Aladin Park Karachi Open Timing Today:

    • The timing schedule of this park is different from other parks because the park authorities want to facilitate the people belong to various categories like families, only boys so on.
    Aladin Park Timing for For Families 4pm-12am
    Aladin Park Timing for Bachelors or Boys   Only on Saturday 9am -2pm (for unlimited rides in 100 Rupees)
    Note: Because of current issues, the park timing is fluctuating now. So, plz get a info from them on their facebook page.

    The wristband price of Aladin Park Karachi will vary after a certain period of time but their entry ticket price 2024 is remained similar for long time. Meanwhile, they arrange different shows for the amusement of visitors. So, be active and enjoys the very special time.

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