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How to Get Rid of Lice Permanently in Urdu? Home Remedies to Remove Head Lice Eggs

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    Home Remedies to remove lice eggs as well How to get rid of lice permanently in Urdu? Is easy to use and understand if one takes care of some things. Apparently it looks like easy to get permanently rid from this problem but originally it’s not an easy task. Because when one removes temporarily lice eggs left behind that again grow to create same kind of disease. Although head lice are found in men but women are major effectively from this major problem. Lice are also transfer from one woman to another that causes many problems. If one never gets rid of them; soon other women avoid sitting to your next seat. While one also effected mentally as well physically, even one also start irritates from his own personality. So it’s important to take action against these lice when they starts develop and control on them as soon as possible. Because at initial stage they are easy to control and they are also permanently removed if one use some good home remedies or techniques early.

    How to Get Rid of Lice Permanently in Urdu?

    Starts with some easy ways: Now numbers of shampoos are available in market, these are best to get rid of lice permanently. But use them two or three time, it’s also important to mention that prefer to purchase that has double action means it remove lice with removal of their eggs.

    Secondly most easy and effective way is the removal of Lice through combing. But again take care that selects a comb that removes lice with their eggs. While on combing time must follow a proper technique, like divide the hair in multiple sections then start combing from roots of hair. Continue comb your hair until every part of hair will checked. After practicing it couple of time one must get proper result of this practice.


    Home Remedies to Remove Head Lice Eggs:

    • Take Leaf of Tulsi and then crush then until they get a shape of paste. Put this paste in hair at night time, after passing a night clean it through these lice eggs must killed and remove from hair.
    • Second remedy is the neem seed oil; try to use it in every part of hair that must give result after couple of time applying.

    In order to use third remdy one must wash hair with shampoo, as hair are cleaned then take

    • Zaition Oil
    • Two drops of Lemon water

    Apply its mixture in hair and then tighten hairs with wet towel. After 10 minutes open the towel and dry your hair. With repeating this process one must get rid of lice from head.

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