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Dua for Stop Rain Thunder Storm

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Prayers and Dua for Stop Rain Thunder Storm is effective and all muslims has strong believe that it will must effective in this situation. Rain is the great blessing by the God. There are so many people in the world are enjoying this great blessing of God but on the other side there is some countries in the world including Pakistan suffering from this great blessing because every year rain is coming with huge thunderstorm and there is no such action this disasters. Every year in the winter season in Pakistan starting raining seasons but such no action or other subsequently act against this rain thunderstorm. Allah Subhanawa tala said all the things in Quran against all types of human life’s and Quran say’s how to spend their life’s effectively and protection against all types of disasters. During this rain thunderstorm and hurricanes and unstoppable rain reciting the holy Quran and do more and more Seeking forgiveness (Istigfar) because there will be no any problem occur without the God permission and there will be any face any problem it’s all about your sin’s and due to this some great blessing is become serious problem.



    Due to this calamity there are so many people leave their places and shift from one place to another and all the other work should be stopped with this rain. May Allah keep you safe and sound and their loved ones during disaster and unstoppable rain and thunderstorm and due for stop rain thunderstorm are given below which is remember able during this calamity. So must pray and Dua for Stop Rain Thunder Storm and hopefully it will must give results.

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