Jeeto Pakistan Passes Price in Karachi 2019

It’s the desire of an ordinary person that he or she will participate in some trending TV program. For this, the audience of ARY Digital is always interested to know the Jeeto Pakistan Passes Price in Karachi 2019. Basically, this is a game show that provides a platform to win a wide range of prizes. Furthermore, the title JEETO is enough to understand its basic theme. Undoubtedly, this program is seen in about every home of this city. A main reason for the popularity is its unique content that provides a lot of entertainment. Meanwhile, the charming personality and hosting skills of Fahad Mustafa is also an identity of this show. So to participate in Jeeto Pakistan, it’s compulsory to full fill its registration whose detail is mentioned in the following part.

Jeeto Pakistan Passes Price in Karachi 2019:

  • Probably, the entry of this show is not paid. Furthermore, the Jeeto Pakistan Passes Price in Karachi 2019 is not mentioned anywhere on the official website of this channel or program.

How to get Jeeto Pakistan passes in Karachi?

There is not a short cut to get the passes of Jeeto Pakistan. An only requirement to participate in this show is the completion of registration. The link and process of registration are mentioned below.

Jeeto Pakistan Online Registration Form 2019:

To participate,  Jeeto Pakistan Online Registration Form 2019 is a very important document to fill. This is accessible online. So fill it completely with full care.

  • If one will want to collect info at calling the dial the 111-279-111.

Registration Form

Now the entry in Jeeto Pakistan is possible via SMS. Just send your (Name, ID Card Number, and contact number) at 0337-0359-527. If this is your dream program then follow any of the registration process.

Jeeto Pakistan Ticket Price in Karachi 2019:

  • Any confirm info about the Jeeto Pakistan ticket price in Karachi 2019 is not communicated online by the officials. While any online resources have also not provided such straight info regarding the ticket price.

a good program by Fahad that is Jeeto Pakistan now PHOTO: FAHAD MUSTAFA/TWITTER

Along with the strong script, the host is also playing an important role in the success of this show. Surely, Fahad Mustafa deserves a lot of credit to boost up this show at such a high level. Moreover, the new introductory segments make this program more interesting.

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