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SSUET Sir Syed University Fee Structure 2024 Per Semester

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Admission to SSUET has started for a new session and for this, SSUET Sir Syed University fee structure 2024 is applicable. This is an institute that serves nation in both engineering and non engineering line. From past to the current contest this platform will provide thousands of skilled professionals. With the passage of time, they try to improve and modernize their system. These are some basic reasons that every student prefers to be part of this institute. Moreover, candidates can check SSUET Sir Syed University fee per semester before submitting the admission form.

    Sir Syed University Fee Structure 2024 per Semester

    Now, recently SSUET issued a new fee structure because when they opened admission and student start asking about the fee criteria of their favorite programs. First are their main engineering option whose admission fee is same for all of courses:

    Admission Fee: 35,000 Rupees and this has everything related registration etc. And the whole approx. semester fees of last year are:

    Engineering Program Name Per Semester Fee 1st Semester Fee (Include all admission charges)
    Electronics 109,600 Rupees 144,600 Rupees
    Telecom 61,350 Rupees 96,350 Rupees
    Biomedical 109,600 Rupees 144,600 Rupees
    Electrical 104,200 139,200
    Computer 109,600 144,600
    Civil 93,400 128,400

    Amount decide of admission charges and other is same for almost every program. And this is adding in the fee of only first term.

    Or Check:

    • For the few new programs:

    SSUET Fee Structure 2024:

    Now, students prefer the semester because they are easy to manage. So, for many of other non eng programs, Sir Syed University per semester fee structure is charged differently.

    Program Name Per Semester Fee 1st Semester Fee (Include all admission charges)
    Biomedical Science 58,200 Rupees 73,200 Rupees
    Architecture and environment 130,100 Rupees 165,100 Rupees
    Information Technology 109,600 Rupees 144,600 Rupees
    Clinical Phychology 93,400 Rupees 128,400
    Mobile Communication and Security 55,300 70,300
    Software Engineering 104,200 139,200
    • Because of an important degree of this uni, the BS(CS) fee is also elaborate.

    Sir Syed University Computer Science Fee:

    The fee amount of Computer science is also like the engineering. Moreover, the per semester fee of the BSCS program is reduced with the proceeding of degree.

    Course Duration Per Semester Fee
    BSCS Four Years 144,600 (First)

    109,600 Rupees(Onward every semester)

    Self Finance Fee Structure:

    Criteria for this fee type is different as compared to regular candidates. Moreover, they have not updated the self-finance fee structure but if they update then we will give it on this page.

    • The fee structure of Self-finance available soon.

    Sir Syed University BBA Fee:

     For 2.5 and 4 years, fee of the BBA program allocated by Sir Syed University as well as per semester fee is reasonable and students from middle background also easily afford it.

    Course Duration Per Semester Fee
    BBA Four Year 96,000 Rupees for first Semester

    81,000 Rupees (Regular)

    Sir Syed University MBBS Fee Structure 2024:

    And proper campus is allocated for MBBS but according to PMC, they cannot give admission to every candidate. Firstly candidates will clear the MDCAT and then meet the criteria of other aspects. The Sir Syed University MBBS fee is for whole five years.

    • 1st Year: 1,300,000 with admission
    • For 2nd: 1,343,000 Rupees
    • For 3rd: 1,443,000 Rupees
    • For 4th: 1,550,000 Rupees
    • For 5th: 1,670,000 Rupees

    Approx. total is: 7,309,500 Rupees

    SSUET Sir Syed University Fee Structure 2024

    Every year admission is open one time through which students get a chance for studies in this institute. Best wishes to all students who fulfill the whole requirements and their names are included in the list. Now, anyone can look into the SSUET Sir Syed University fee structure 2024 that is newly point out. These are final and already revised by them.

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