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Upaisa Charges List 2024 for Money Transfer

Posted by hasnain sial
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    For an handsome money transfer via Ufone sim, the Upaisa charges list 2024 is ready to impress you. Now through mobile account of Ufone Upaisa, one can easily make transaction of their money as well as pay electricity bills of major top companies. In short this is a modern type of branchless banking that is functioning after combine work of PTCL, Ubank and most important their partners that allow to share their issues with them. Further procedure, charges that detect for each transaction and procedure to make this branchless banking account is:

    Upaisa Charges List 2024:

    Through these services now one can easily transfer money from one place to another, secondly one can also pay their utility bill by utilizing its services. So, the Upaisa charges list 2024 determine that how much charges will apply on doing any of the transaction.

    Procedure of money Transfer:

    For money transfer they give three types of options. If one fulfills any one among these then he easily transfers his money.

    • In first option one Upaisa account holder send money to another Upaisa account holder.
    • In second option one Upaisa account holder send money to other CNIC number and he can get money by giving required things.
    • In third option one that have not Upaisa account send money through CNIC number on other one who must has Upaisa account.

    Billing companies that receive their bill through Upaisa account:

    • Top 10 electricity companies that had signed their agreement with Upaisa for bill payment.
    • One can also pay bill of top 2 gas companies named as SSGC ,SNGPL.
    • While 8 water companies also receive their bill through Upaisa account.
    • One can also pay post pay and PTCL bill as well as wi-tribe internet charges through this offer.

    Upaisa Money Transfer Charges:

    Extra utilization of Upaisa is that with transfer money from Upaisa account to any CNIC, one can also deposit the fund for different type of donations. not only for the users of Ufone now all cellular users can get benefit from this opportunity. This is one big step that first time officials of one network thinks about something other.

    • For sending of 1 Rupee to 1000 Rupees only: 100 Rupees are detected.
    • For amount of 6,001 Rupees to 13,000 Rupees: Just 200 are charged
    • For sending of 13,001 rupees to 25,000 Rupees: Simple 300 are detected.

    Ufone Upaisa Charges, Procedure, Mobile Account

    Yes, Upaisa is in ground to minimize the difficulty of peoples that they face in any bank branch and most important during period of holiday. Being a top name, it’s a responsibility that they offer something unique and best services in any way. Further these steps are now necessary to stay in this competition. Now time decides that how much this opportunity is helpful for peoples. This is final decision of customers that they satisfy from thisUpaisa Charges List 2024 for Money Transfer.

    The important feature of Ufone Upaisa is that now one can also open mobile account. So one can deposit cash to mobile account and then withdrawal of cash from Ufone Upaisa mobile account. This is one best services that they provide in it so must take advantage from it.

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