Veena Malik Baby Boy Born Pictures Pics Name

Latest Pictures Pics Name of Veena Malik Baby Boy Born is come after birth with her wedding date is combining at this place. Veena Malik khan give birth to this child after marriage with Asad Bashir Khan Khattak baby father in December last year. Now it’s time for celebrations for both mother and father of their child and they are too much happy with this new entry in their family. Celebrations are going to start and according to a source a big party is going to arrange in upcoming days. This is big news for the fan of this actress because their emotions are connecting with her super star. They all give best wishes for the future of this child and pray for the health of mother and child. Name of baby is also choosing that is finalized before the birth that is Abram. Hopefully this child will come more happiness in the home of their parents and he has good luck in future. Some of Veena Malik Baby Boy Born Pictures are come revealed that are updated below as some new Pics are given to media they also update later.

Veena Malik baby Pics

Veena Malik Baby Boy Name: Abram

Wedding Date: 25 December 2013

Baby Birth Date: 23 September 2014

After marriage of Veena Malik with Asad Bashir there is lots of changing comes in her life. She prefers her family and spend maximum of her time with new husband. She also minimizes showbiz activities and decides that family is her first priority. At a time she also decides to left showbiz but these things are not confirm. Overall wedding prove good experience for Veena Malik and with blessing of baby boy these happiness are going to its peak. To check Veena Malik Baby Boy Born Pictures Pics Name never go anywhere just visit this page and get whole information.

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