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Beauty Tips for Remove Dark Circles under Eyes Naturally Treatment in Urdu

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    Are you looking for the natural treatment to remove dark circles under your eyes that are the best beauty tip with minimum side effects then read the below details in English as well later on in Urdu: Use of Coconut Oil: We have seen that by massaging with this oil is just one of the effective remedy that can let you to reduce your dark circles and with passage of time they are removed. It comes with a special kind of quality, that is best for smooth skin and it also prevents wrinkles under eyes. You just have to massage some of that coconut oil right on the effected area of eye. After applying never wash it immediately, wait for few minutes and then clean it with clean water. To get best result its necessary that one apply two times in day.

    Use of Tea Bags

    These tea bags comes with such chemical and quality that are quite best to get rid of dark circles and also puffiness that is under your eyes. You just have to mixed equally two used tea bad of green or black tea in refrigerator. Then you have to apply one tea bag over single eye and then after applying leave it on for 10 minutes. Now, remove the tea bags and you can wash your face. Again to get best result repeat it two time in a day.


    Use of Almond Oil

    It is also natural way that is quite beneficial for your fair skin which is around your eyes. We have viewed that the regular usage of this almond oil will let you to just minimize your under eye dark circles. What you should be doing is that before sleeping in night, you have to apply a almond oil over these circles then massage it for a period of time that it will absorb. After spending the whole night and you will see that your dark circles will goes down.

    Use of Rose Water

    One can also get rid from tired eyes if one use rose water; this tiredness cause dark circles but for this its necessary that one apply it in right way. You just have to dip cotton eye pads in that pure rose water. Then you have to put the dipped pads right on your eyelids and you can leave for about 15 minutes.

    Use of Tomato

    For this makes a mixture of tomato and lemon juice in such a way that

    • Tomato Juice: One Teaspoon
    • Lemon Juice: Half Teaspoon

    Then apply this mixture on effected area regularly two times in a day; it will for sure work to make you to stay away from dark circles. So, this is the natural treatment to remove dark circles under your eyes! These all instructions are in English, in Urdu its not possible to write unique and also update. So try to understand them and get best result from it.

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