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M & P Courier Tracking Pakistan

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    For sure, in Pakistan, the M & P Courier tracking service is functioning now to check the status of your delivery. Through this one will get an exact idea about the current location and reaching time of the shipping. Especially, it is very helpful for the international couriers that will late because of some reason. Right now, in the presence of many other logistics companies, M & P proves them the very best. Undoubtedly, this is because of their quick and precise delivery process. If one will review the complete working mechanism of this company then this is just amazing and big.

    M & P Courier Tracking:

    Right now, there are two ways for the M & P Courier tracking. So, one will select anyone among them to track the delivery.

    • Consignment Number( This is a number that is allotted by the company at the time of shipment)
    • By Email

    Their Track facility is temporary not working.

    Apart from the online tracking, M&P will also update you via SMS about your dispatch. Oh, amazingly these are such a wide range of options that one will use for this single purpose. Furthermore, they are initiating many new things to facilitate their new and old customers.

    M & P Courier Charges:

    To know about the M & P Courier charges, their rate calculator is properly working now. This online system will only demand

    • Sending Location
    • Receiving Location
    • Weight

    A few years ago, M&P started work in Pakistan with the purchasing of OCS. That’s why they just update the former setup of OCS to make sure that their customer will satisfy with the services.

    simply track now

    Now about, 97 Vehicle, 500 Centers, 1350 Delivery locations, and about 3000 employees are part of their entire network. Meanwhile, for international shipping, FedEx is their official partner. The progress rate of M & P currently shows that soon they will get the status of the biggest logistic and Courier Company of this country.

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