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Pakistani Ladies Shoes 2018 Summer Sandals Collection by Stylo Metro

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    No doubt, sandals are an incredibly versatile accessory for every woman’s Shoes wardrobe, from the hot weather summer to cold weather in fact throughout the year. Now in Pakistan, ladies sandals come in a variety of styles, designs and colors that can be worn on almost every occasion in summer 2018 under the platform of top brand collection by Stylo and Metro. Moreover, ladies like to shop and wear chic sandals during the summer season and pumps for the winter season to keep themselves calm. But whatever you buy for you make sure while going out that your shoes should be polished well as it depicts the entire personality. Some best designs that are available under these brands are in below article, through these ideas and pictures one can decide that which one is best to buy.

    Pakistani Ladies Shoes 2018:

    • For Summer Sandals Type:

    Heels: These are further in different designs, some Pakistan women don’t want to wear too high heels and not too flat so these ladies like to have kitten heels. This footwear provides comfort with the style. They are perfect to wear for workplaces parties.


    Stilettos: Generally these have the high heel than the other shoes. These shoes give a very elegant look to the whole attire. Most of the times these are not comfortable to wear but still many ladies like to have such shoes in their wardrobe.


    Wedge Shoes: In this kind of shoes, the sole and heel of the shoes are combined means there is no separation between them. The wedge sandals are more open than the wedge heels. These shoes are comfortable to wear and are very popular among Pakistani ladies.


    Pumps: They are very popular shoes among the women’s in Pakistan and always ladies first choice. These shoes are usually wider from the front and heel high can vary. In Pakistan, these are available in a variety of designs and colors. Almost every woman likes to have in her wardrobe.

     “Summer Sandals Collection by Stylo”

     “Summer Sandals Collection by Metro”

    Now last Stylo and Metro summer shoes collection in 2018 comprised these all kind of Pakistani ladies sandals that cover almost every kind. This time both of these brands gives a lot of options to wear these feet wear. Newly included items made this new arrival more special in between one must get an option to wear.

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