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    Have you taken the pleasure from the hotels in Murree? Well if no then you must have to read this article because in this article we will be sharing the list of some of the main and known hotels of Murree. Murree has been marked as one of the coldest places in the winter timings because it normally gets witnessed with the snow fall. This paradise place has been placed near Rawalpindi that has been one of the main cities of Islamabad. On the South section of Muree there is Himalaya Hills and the Northern side of the Murree has been connected with the beautiful Azad Kashmir. Murree has been the part of Pakistan since 1947. In the British Era this place was linked with the Azad Kashmir therefore this place was considered to be the most awesome ones. God has surely blessed this place with great blessings because this place has been fully covered with lakes, mountains and stunning scenery sites.

    As we are talking about the hotels of Murree then we will definitely give appreciative reviews regarding their services and atmosphere. This place is normally much witnessed with the tourist and families during the winter season. This place has been always remained as cold throughout the winter happenings so this place is marked to be much favorite and desirable for the visitors. Hotels of Murree always welcome their guest with great warm and passion. They offer huge sum of services and contended facilities for their guest that often forces them to return back one more time. In this article we are sharing the address and contact numbers of some of the famous and well known hotels of Murree. So all the people whenever you visit Murree don’t forget to take pleasure from the services of these hotels and we are sure that you will definitely visit these hotels next time as well.

    Hotels In Murree

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    Pearl Continental Hotel

    Bhurban, Murree

    Grand Heights Hotel

    Hall Road, Kashmir Point Behind GPO

    Ph: 0593 – 411711-3
    Fax: 0593-411714

    Hotel Breeze

    Pindi Point, Murree

    Ph: 0593-411088

    Kashmir Villa Hotel

    Hall Road, Above GPO

    Ph: 0593 – 410408, 4107333

    Hotel Faran

    Near G.P.O, Murree

    Ph: 0593 – 411270, 410380, 410380
    Fax: 0593-411326

    Wood Berry Hotel

    Near G.P.O, Club Road, Murree

    Ph: 0593 – 411212 – 41213

    Lockwood Hotel

    MurreeImtiaz Shaheed Road
    Back of Mall Road

    Ph: 0593 – 410112, 410228, 411458
    Fax: 0593-411543

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